Friday, December 31, 2010

Chuu!Sugoi!Idol reached 4,000 hits

Chuu!Sugoi!Idol just reached the 4,000 hits. Thank you so much for visiting and for giving so much effort just to read my entries. This blog improved so much, it reached a thousand of views for only 18-19 days. I'm so surprised that the site reached this amount of views for only like 3-4 months.

Surprises for this celebration are somewhat hard to do for this time, since I'm a little bit busy for the new year's eve, and it's Mom's birthday at the same time, so I can't really reveal some surprises for this great achievement. As for the time being, nothing will be change, the design of this blog will be the same, since it was still fresh and new, but the pages are still have something to be improved too, especially the ABOUT page, I removed it from the site since it's still under process.

Once again thank you for visiting and giving so much effort to read my entries, especially to the H!P-ers. It's a great achievement for the very end of the year 2010. Hopefully everyone will support Hello!Project as time goes by. Thank you for the endless help of these blogs:

I offer you guys my apologies in advance since it'll be sure that I'm going to be so busy next week since it'll be school again and I have to double time my study and there will be a daily rehearsal for the dance troupe I am in, so sorry about not updating this blog for the next couple of days. 

Anyway, thank you so much for everything and everyone who helped me achieve this. Next goal will be the 5,000 hits, please keep supporting this site. Thank you for inspiring me so much to keep myself write about H!P. I'll do my very best to keep this blog updated and share you guys all about Hello!Project. I wish you all a happy new year.

Oh, forgot to remind you guys. the poll will be closed exactly this 11:59 PM tonight, so to those who haven't voted yet, vote now for your favorite members, and since I put it into a multiple choice, you can vote as many members as you can (example: saki,yuuka,ayaka, and kanon), you can vote one member, or two, or three or four. It depends in you, so please before the time runs out.

Thank you very much
Wish you all a happy new year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

S/mileage Won the Best New Artist Award

S/mileage won the category of Best New Artist at the 52nd Japan Record Awards. 

I'm so glad to hear that they reached this great achievement so far. Since they just had their major debut last May, and now reached this great award. Well, I can say that they really deserve this award, since they accomplished many things, including in releasing 3 singles, an album too, featuring in many various of shows, finished up their very own first concert tour, and won the new artist award along with everyone (ICONIQ, Madoka Kikuchi, and SNSD) It'll be no wonder they'll be the one who'll win this award. 

Congratulations to S/mileage for reaching this great achievement. Hopefully they'll keep our hearts beat with their wonderful songs.


There's a video uploaded in YT, but I had a little bit of difficulties in inserting it in this entry, so I'll just give you guys the link. It is the video after they received the award and perform their first major single "Yume Miru Fifteen". Here's the link


I found a video where they announced who won the award, at the same time the S/mileage received the award and performed their 1st major single Yume Miru Fifteen.

uploaded by: 61fullerene

Tsuji Nozomi 2nd child was born!

Nono's 2nd child was born at 1:32 PM last December 26, 2010, it's a baby boy and weighs 2.7 kg. It was already announced few days ago after the delivery, but I planned to announce it here in my blog along with the name of the newborn baby (since the name was just announced a while ago)

In one of Nono's blog posts, she gladly revealed the name of her newborn baby boy, it is "Seia" (Sugiura Seia) which sounds unique, and totally love the meaning behind it. Seia means "blue skies", it was based on the day the baby born, it has a clear blue sky the time he was delivered. Well, in this time of year in Japan, they experienced winter, and it's somewhat rare to have a blue sky during the season.

Anyway, congratulations to Nono and Taiyo for their new cute baby angel.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Berryz Koubou Current News

"Berryz Koubou 7th Year Anniversary Fanclub Tour"
Berryz Koubou will be having a fan club tour for their 7th year anniversary as a group with a title "Berryz koubou Presents 7th Year Anniversary Fan Club tour in Izu"
So BK will be celebrating their 7th year anniversary by having a fan club tour which will take place in Izu. It's kind of great to celebrate their 7th anniversary since they're a group that consists of 7 members. The FC tour will be this coming February 26-28,2011

"Berryz Koubou's 2011 Spring Tour"
BK's Spring Tour this coming 2011 has been announced with a title given already; Berryz Koubou Kessei 7 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2011 ~Skuukan Berryz Times~. I think this year 2011 theme for Berryz has something with a theme7-ish . 2011 may be a lucky year for BK which sounds great for them. Anyways, their spring will start this coming March 3, 2011. Hope many fans will help Berryz to celebrate their 7th anniversary as a group by attending one of the concerts of this tour.

C-ute 15th Single "Kiss Me Aishiteru"

C-ute's 15th single has been announced several days ago, with the title and the release too. The single was entitled Kiss Me Aishiteru. It was announced from Chisato's post in C-ute's gree blog. According to her, this single will be more mature and cooler than their past single "Aitai Lonely Christmas"

I'm a little bit surprised when I heard that their 15th single has been announced not a month after the release of the last single, and it has a very catchy title for me, of course. As for the word cool, we can somewhat expect a little that this single will be more lively but has a mature tone than the last single, to say the least.

Kiss Me Aishiteru will be released this coming February 23, 2011.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I want to greet everyone, especially the H!P fans around the world, a Merry Christmas. Today's the Christmas day, the day to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth. Christmas carols are all around, Christmas lights lighten the whole world, and the heart of Jesus Christ gives us courage to live.

Speaking of Christmas carols, I just found some video clips of morning musume singing some Christmas carols. This was taken few years ago, it's still the old momusu that everyone knew. ENJOY GUYS

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big Change! "MyMeLyricist" into "~Chuu!! Sugoi!Idol"

So, I announced earlier last week that I'll change the blog's theme into more H!P. Well, since I really got a hard time to think about what design should I make, I just made it as a theme that has more Maimai look. It turns out to be cute though.
Well, as how you noticed, I changed the title and of course, the link too. It made me feel so awkward since I'll change it into a fully H!P blog and the title "MyMeLyricist" makes the reader curious, I think. So, I change it into something cuter, "~Chuu!!Sugoi!Idol". Well, it's cute for me, even if the title don't have the exact meaning. It's just a cute expression about a young idol. Maimai's the star of the new-made-design, since, well, she's the first idol who brought me to H!P. It has scattered colorful flowers, featuring Maimai in a cute navy blue summer dress. I only did change the theme, and some of the settings, but I still have to work on about the entries, backgrounds, gadgets, and many more.

I'm glad I finished it for like 6 hours. I started doing this one just this noon, and gladly finished it. I got a little bit trouble about the main background's size, since you can't really just search it in the internet to find out what size it should be it, instead doing that, I just measure it myself. Fortunately, it got the exact measure.

Anyway, I couldn't have done this without everyone's support. Reaching the 3,000 hits for like 3 months and a half makes me want to write more. Thank you very much to those who always have the effort to read my H!P fanblog. This will be my early Christmas and New Year present for all of you. Thank you once again!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kumai Yurina – “Kumaspo!” DVD Preview

A preview for Yurina's 1st alo-hello! PB's "making of" DVD entitled "Kumaspo" has been released.

It really gave me a pretty smile while I watched the preview. It's different from the other PB's "the making" DVD previews. It's lively, has many things to tell, and since it focused about sports, yurina can do anything about sports such as biking, swimming, jogging, and etc. Not like the other previews that the idol only pose here and there while the instrumental music is playing. Yurina looks good and fit to every cute, and unique outfit she wore in every scene, which turns the whole preview great, and unique. I love the scene where Yurina stood still in the beach while holding a beach volleyball and was against the sunset's beautiful light near the end of the preview.

The release date was just yesterday, 12/17. So, to those who haven't got a copy yet, reserve yours already, and support Yurina.

Morning Musume 9th Generation Finalists

The news about the 9th generation audition has been released and revealed more details about the finalists several days ago. I offer you guys my huge apology for not updating this due to some difficulties and I don't have the feeling to write about anything until today. But anyway, since I'm back, I'll tell you guys more about this tonight.

So there are 5 finalists out of 9,000 applicants for this audition, and I'm glad to hear that more news have been updated ever since the day Eririn, Junjun, and linlin graduated. This news was fully revealed the day after the trio graduated (well, I expected that they'll be introduced in the Graduation concert)

here are some snapshots I can share to you:

I think the finalists are only five, since there are some footage of the audition where they're performing individually and there's a footage that they dance as a group, as how I can tell. The third girl above appeared in the Jc&Jk audition this year and got a chance to appear/perform in the momusu's fashionable play just this year. Her name is Riho Sayashi. Based on my sources, she's still 11 or 12. I can't really tell.
I'm glad to hear that she tried out for the audition, and hopefully, she'll pass and be part of Morning Musume. In the news, no Hello!Pro eggs passed the audition (not really sure, but we'll see in the next update), which is somewhat disappointing especially to the fans..I'm not so sure about these finalists though, but I'll tell you guys more about it as soon as official news will be released. For now, these are the things that I can share you.

Oh, anyway, here are the videos I was talking about earlier. A footage of the audition, and the other one where the 5 girls performed in from of Tsunku.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Graduation Gift to Kamei Eri, Linlin, and Junjun

So, I prepared this entry few days ago, and luckily finished it today. It is kind of long, but hope you enjoy..
Enjoy guys!
So, they will be graduating tonight in the Morning Musume's final day of their autumn concert tour 2010, and I decided to give them an entry gift. It's kinda sad  that they'll be really graduating in this day, their final day in Morning Musume and Hello!Project. But hope they'll spent their final times happily(even if there will be tears), and enjoy it with their hearts.

I was planning to make a graduation tribute for each of them and post it in YT, but I think I'm not going to have enough time to make it, so I decided to make a slideshow for each of them. Hope you'll like it. 
[Scroll down if you want to see it.]

Let's have a little flashback when they joined Momusu.

Kamei Eri
Eririn joined Momusu and H!P in late 2003 along with Tanaka Reina and Michishige Sayumi as the 6th generation members. Shabondama was her debut single along with the other 6th gen members. Towards late 2004, Kamei is thought to have opened up after receiving her own segment on the Japanese variety show Hello! Morning, where she had been a regular since her debut. In the segment, known as "Eric Kamezō no Maido Arii!", she, along with her co-host Yuko Nakazawa, and most often several guests promote the latest products from the Hello! Project. In 2004, Kamei appeared in the 2004 Hello! Project shuffle units unit H.P. All Stars. She was also involved in Morning Musume Sakuragumi when Morning Musume was split into two groups. Her segment was removed from the show in the winter of 2005, but she still stars in the rest of the show as a regular. Initially, Kamei struggled the most out of the sixth generation to create a presence for herself. She got her big break playing the role of field reporter Elizabeth Kyamei on the HelloPro News segment on Hello! Morning, showing her comedic side and breaking her out of her shell. She has since tackled a number of comedic roles, with notable favorites like her parody of Yon-sama (Korean actor ). She even got her own corner on the revised HelloPro Hour corner as salesman Eric Kamezou in "Eric Kamezou no Maido Ari. 
In 2009, Kamei was put in the group Tanpopo as the fourth generation along with fellow Morning Musume member Aika Mitsui, Berryz Kobo member Yurina Kumai and C-ute member Chisato Okai. On August 8, 2010, Kamei's graduation from Hello! Project was announced by Tsunku on his blog and at that day's Hello! Project concert. Due to her suffering from atopic dermatitis, she was unable to continue her activities and planned to graduate on the last day of the Autumn Tour in 2010.

During her Morning Musume years, she released 12 photobooks. 2 PBs along with the 6th gen, and 10 solo PBs of her.
  • [2003.07.16] Hello Hello! Morning Musume 6ki Members (ハロハロ! モーニング娘。6期メンバー写真集) (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina)
  • [2004.12.21] Kamei Eri (亀井絵里)
  • [2005.09.16] DAYS
  • [2006.05.26] 17sai (17才)
  • [2007.02.28] Love Hello! Kamei Eri in Phuket (ラブハロ! 亀井絵里 in プーケット)
  • [2007.10.10] MAPLE
  • [2008.04.03] ERI
  • [2008.12.23] 20 (Hatachi) (20 (はたち))
  • [2010.02.25] sweet
  • [2010.09.26] Eririn (えりりん)
  • [2010.11.12] Hello Hello! 〜Memories〜 (ハロハロ! 〜Memories〜) (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina)
  • [2010.12.10] THANKS

Here's the performance she pick as her favorite:

Here's the slideshow I was talking about earlier: This one has a theme of a concert image, and fireflies flying during the outside concert, if you understand what I really mean..Hope you guys like it.

Li Chun participated in the Super Girl contest who then made it into the top 50, but did not win. After losing the contest, Japanese producer Tsunku had contacted her, along with other Super Girl contestants who had also failed, and held an audition for Morning Musume in Beijing, China, that was even kept from the members themselves.On March 15, Li Chun (along with Qian Lin) was officially announced to be joining the eighth generation of all girl J-pop group Morning Musume as a "foreign student". Tsunku believes that she and Qian Lin (Linlin) will be key for Morning Musume's planned expansion into Asia in 2007. Three days later, on March 18, she made her Japanese television debut on Hello! Morning. Within the same week, she moved to Tokyo, Japan. Her first stage appearance took place during Morning Musume leader Yoshizawa Hitomi's graduation concert on May 6, 2007 at Saitama Super Arena. It was announced that Morning Musume will collaborate with the female theatre group Takazuka in production of Cinderella the Musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein. The musical started on the 8th of August. Morning Musume member, Junjun took on the role of a page and a princess during the production. It was announced that Morning Musume will attend the annual event, Anime Expo in Los Angeles California in July 2009. All the current lineup including Junjun attended the event as Guests of Honors. Morning Musume held autograph sessions and a concert at the convention. The number of fans that attended the event was over 7,000 people. For the Hello! Project Champloo album, she was assigned to be apart of the new shuffle group, zoku・v-uden(続・美勇伝) along with Michishige Sayumi(モーニング娘。) and Sugaya Risako. (Berryz工房). Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi and former Morning Musume member Koharu will perform in Shanghai during June as a special 4-nin unit Ex-Ceed.

It was announced by Tsunku on August 8th, 2010 that Junjun would graduate from Hello! Project and Morning Musume along with fellow Chinese 8th Gen member Linlin and 6th Gen member Kamei Eri.

Here's the performance she pick as her favorite:

Here's the slideshow I was talking about: it has a theme of theater and sparkles, which kind of explains her beauty about it. Hope you guys like it.

When Qian Lin was in the second grade of elementary school (1999), she was scouted by a local television station. Since then, she has been active in the entertainment industry, appearing in many television dramas and other shows as a host. 
Through the recommendation of a friend of Tsunku, the producer of Hello! Project (which Morning Musume is under), Qian Lin joined Hello! Project as a part of Hello! Project Eggs as the Mysterious ponytailed girl (according to fans). On March 15, 2007, she (along with Li Chun) was officially announced to be joining the eighth generation of all girl J-pop group Morning Musume, as a "foreign student". After seeing her perform at concerts, Tsunku was impressed and believes that she and Li Chun will be key for Morning Musume's planned expansion into Asia in 2007.  Three days later, on , she made her Japanese television debut on Hello! Morning. Within the same week, she moved to Tokyo, Japan. On August 8th 2008, Morning Musume collaborated with Takarazuka to perform their musical Cinderella the Musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Linlin took the role of a page and a princess. In 2009, Tsunku announced on his blog that Linlin would become the leader of Shin (new) Mini Moni, containing S/mileage member Fukuda Kanon and Hello! Pro Egg members Takeuchi Akari and Miyamoto Karin. Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Miyabi and former Morning Musume member Koharu will perform in Shanghai during June as a special 4-nin unit called Ex-Ceed.

It was announced by Tsunku on August 8th, 2010 that Linlin would graduate from Hello! Project and Morning Musume along with fellow Chinese 8th Gen member Junjun and 6th Gen member Kamei Eri
Here's the performance she picked as her favorite:

Here's the slideshow I was talking about: It has a theme of cute daisies, hope you guys like it

These will be the few things I can share.. The new members will be introduced this tonight's concert too, so i'll keep myself through the updates and tell you all guys about it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

MyMeLyricist Blog just reached 3,000 views

MyMeLyricist just reached the 3000 views, thank you for those who visits. I'm so surprise that my blog hits this far, since it just hit the 2000 views last November 23, and got more 1000 views for only 20 days. Thank you very much.

I was thinking of a new look this coming new year, more H!P look, I think I'll work for it this coming vacation. Oh, and since Eririn, Junjun, and Linlin will graduate this coming December 15, I am currently preparing for a graduation entry/present for them, so please look forward for it. Anyways, since I'm still a little bit busy, I'm not going to make this entry long. Thank you very much to everyone who supports MyMeLyricist, especially to those who always visits and read my entries. Thank you..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Niigaki Risa, Tanaka Reina, Tsugunaga Momoko, Suzuki Airi, and Yajima Maimi have each released a cover

I'm so happy to hear that Gaki, Reina, Momochii, Airi, and Maimi released a cover of Morning Musume's subgroup Tanpopo song called "Seinaru kane ga Hibiku Yoru". I'm not really yet familiar to this song, so I tried to listen this song in Youtube and it's totally a great song. This one has a little theme of Christmas since the original PV of this song that I just watched has snowflakes, the members wearing red winter clothes, and also a white fluffy ones, ringing bells, and more things that describes the season of Christmas. I'm so excited to hear Gaki's cover (Gaki's voice suits to this song), and also the other's cover too. I hope Mai Hagiwara will have one too, and also Chisa and Nakky. I'm really excited their covers. Uhmm.. Hey wait! did Chisato released a cover in iTunes sometime ago? I can't remember the date it was released. The others said that it's her first own single released, but I think it is only a cover of an H!P song, I can't really remember what song it is. Oh, anyway,  it is already available in iTunes. I can't listen to the covers since I don't have iTunes, but to those who have.. Enjoy!

Here's the original PV of this song..

The cover for C-ute’s Concert Tour 2010 ~Dance Special!! “Chou UraNAITO!~! DVD

The cover of C-ute's latest concert tour ~Dance Special!! “Chou UraNAITO!~! has been released a while ago. It really gave me a smile when I see this cover. I totally love Maimai's smile, and the others cute shots. It is totally a very unique cover so far. It has pink and blue neons around the boxes which features each member's shots during the concert, and totally matches the outfits. The background totally interprets the concert, since it has something to do with night, and it's a dance special. The DVD will be released this coming December 22.

Yajima Maimi will be in a Movie!

So, several days ago, there's been an announcement that Maimi-chan will be a heroine in a DVD movie, and it is a movie based on a 1980 manga from Shonen Jump. The movie is entitled "Black Angel's". I'm so glad to hear that Maimi will be part in a movie again, and she's been in movies and stage plays, so, it'll be so exciting to see her on another one. The photo shown above may be the preview for the movie, a very nice outfit for Maimi-chan, a little-assassin like, but so beautiful heroine. I got more excited seeing that photo. This movie will be released this coming May 2011. Hope I can watch this one. 


Friday, December 10, 2010

S/mileage News!!

So, for the past several days, there are some things about S/mileage announced.

So, let's go to the latest first. S/mileage opened their own Youtube account today. It's kinda great to hear that S/mileage opened one, since C-ute, Berryz Koubou, and Mano Erina already opened one several months ago. The one that's left is Morning Musume. I'm so excited for Morning musume to get their own account.

Next, is the announcement that S/mileage will be the opening act for Morning Musume's graduation concert at Yokohama Arena this coming December 15, 2010. Another great news, right? S/mileage will be part for the big graduation concert. This will surely be Eri, Linlin, and Junjun's most memorable concert. But it's going to be more sadder as the the day nearly coming. Hope the 9th generation momusu members brighten us all up.

It is not announce, I just found it from the photos several days ago. I'm may be shock a little, but I think having a short hair is popular to japan. Right! Wada-chan and Yuuka cut their hair. They're so cute, and Wada's look made me like her more. Yuuka's totally cute, she looks like a very cute japanese doll, well, she looks a little bit mature now, but still so cute. I'm just so impress about Wada-chan's look, a beautiful leader of S/mileage. Out of the new hairstyles, I noticed Kanon's hair is so cute, I can't stop looking at her with those cute pigtails. 

To end the entry, I think I can share you guys a very funny picture of S/mileage that I found in the Hello!Online a while ago.

They're so cute here!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Details about Morning Musume 9th Generation Audition

Well, this entry should be posted few days ago, but due to some work which should be done possibly soon, I'll just post this entry today, since it's totally undone.
So, there are so many surprises from H!P when I'm out for like 4 days. One of these are the details about MM 9th Generation. Well, it's been a while since we've heard about this audition, and finally, more details were released since it's already December, and it's a sign that Eri, Junjun, and Linlin will soonly be graduating.
According  to some blogs I have read, there were 9,000 applicants for this audition. It's totally great to hear that many girls have tried to audition, and maybe luckily pass then. Well, the graduation for Linlin, Junjun, and Kamei Eri will be next week already, so I think we'll find out if who will be the winners for this audition something like next week. 
I was looking for some large individual photos of the girls, but I think I only found few. They're totally cute, and tried there best to be one of the future winners. Scroll down for the images.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Congratulations to Hello!SayuNii Blog

I just got home, and was so happy for hearing the news that Hello!SayuNii blog just reached the goal of 1,000,000 hits. I want to congratulate Hello!SayuNii by making a special entry of congratulating.
This has been my most favorite H!P blog, and I really looked forward to every entry Ado is posting. It really made my day when I read the latest entries every day. Hello!SayuNii is one of my greatest inspirations to be a blog author too. Because of it, MyMeLyricist blog exist. Ado mentioned in SayuNii blog that he'll be making some exciting surprises such as a new banner, new sections, new reviews and many more. Another one is Ado was expecting for a new author for the blog, I would likely audition for the blog new author, but I don't think I'll clearly pass since I'm still developing my writing skill, and having the sense of looking for sources.

Anyways, I'll keep supporting Hello!SayuNii Blog for like forever. It's kind of great as an early Christmas present for the blog, and the hardworking author Ado. Oh, and thank you for the entries you're posting Ado, it gave me a chance to know H!P more better, and help me give more opinions here in my blog. We'll keep supporting you, and we'll really look forward for your great future entries..

Congratulations Once Again!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mano Erina Keizoku 2: SPEC Shots

So, Erina has been a guest  on episode 7 of the TBS drama Keizoku 2: SPEC. I just found some cute screen shot photos from the Hello!Online Picboard from this drama.

I didn't notice her in a very first look, until I read her name in the tags, and just remembered that she's been a guest in a drama lately.She's totally cute with her Rossy royal red dress. what's with that serious pose? with a gun pointing on her? 

 That book she's holding seems to be interesting to read in. It is entitled "Important person in the world" as how I can read it closely. She's totally cute.

I'm not really familiar about the story of this drama. I think it is a solving-cases-drama series for me, not really sure about it. Whoa! is that a huge corn behind her? I love her facial expression in this photo. I wonder if who that guy is. He's seems to be holding a glowing-thingy.

Here is a photo again, Erina talking to someone on the phone with a guy pointing a gun to her at the same time. I'm so thrilled and totally want to watch this drama.

Now, this lady, i think she's main character of the drama, as how you notice, she's the lady in the very first picture. The plot of this drama says that her left arm is in a sling due to a previous case. She looks funny though.

I wonder why Erina is leaning down against the car unconsciously? I'm now totally thrilled! Her red dress and the red car matches perfectly. ~~Cute~~

Erina looks seriously awesome here. she really looks like a very cute princess with the same pose shown in the first screenshot photo.

Last but not the least, my most favorite photo. Erina giving a cute peace sign and wearing something in purple which brightens my day. I think it's the moment she introduced herself with a very sweet personality as how you observed, or in the end saying goodbye to everyone. I really want to watched this episode. It made me feel so thrilled looking at these pictures.

Erina has been into movies and dramas such as in horrors. she really mostly been into horrors. How I wish to watch her movies. It really makes me thrill so much just by looking at each of the pictures. Hope I can see a full episode with English subs of course so that I can understand.

Okay! So that's the end of the entry. please look forward for my future entries.


S/mileage Cute photos

So, I was surfing through the Hello!Online Picboard a while ago, and found these funny cute pictures of S/mileage. They're all so cute with those funny outfits.
 First up is the cute S/mileage babies picture. Wada-chan looks not-so-like baby face. Well, I totally love how Kanon, Saki, and Yuuka looks, they really have this baby face. kanon is the best baby face in the whole group. i'll take Yuuka and Saki both second place in baby cute faces, and thirdly Wada-chan. they're totally cute.

Next stop is the old-grannies S/mileage picture. I really laugh hard looking at this picture. I can't even recognize Kanon and ayaka with those funny granny faces. Wada-chan looks like a very cute granny here. Kanon looks like a very kind and gentle cute granny, while Sakitty looks a very old grumpy cute granny. Yuuka seems to be having a worried old granny face but still cute.

These photos made my day. Enjoy guys!

Poll Closed!

So the "Which Leader is the Best?" poll has been closed yesterday early morning with such a great amount for a blog's first poll. Ai-chan got 54 votes, Saki got 33 votes, Maimi got 28 votes, and Ayaka got 11 votes. So, Ai-chan won as expected since she's one of the most respected leader in Hello!Project.
I still have to think of an idea to celebrate every winners of every poll. I think I have to skip this months winner since I'm still so busy for school, and everything bothers me to do something right. So, I'll just open up a new poll, and I'll celebrate it double after it closes.

This month's poll will be "Which S/mileage Member do you Like most?", it'll close this new years eve at exactly 11:59 PM. So take your time voting for your favorite member until new year's eve. So vote now guys!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MyMeLyricist Blog just reached 2,000 views

Whoa! Wait! MyMeLyricist blog just reached the 2,000 views??? YAY!!!! *round of applause*
So, I checked the blog's stats of views earlier today, and that gave me a big smile. MyMeLyricist blog just reached the 2000 views. Well, I didn't manage to celebrate this one because I still have to go to school. So, I'll make this celebration wonderfully.

I didn't expect that MyMeLyricist will come this far. It reached 2000 views for only 2 months and 6 days. I'm so speechless but thank you very much for supporting MyMeLyricist. I was expecting that I'll reach 2000 next year, but I think it is a wonderful early Christmas present. Thank you so much.
So, to celebrate, I'll show you some behind the scenes images of this blog, screenshots and many more.

Thank You Again for Supporting MyMeLyricist blog!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chisato Okai's 1st PB and Solo DVD

I just heard some fresh news today about chisa's 1st PB.
(I change the photo that was posted few days ago into a bigger preview)

I was reading my YM emails just a while ago, and a great news were unexpectedly sent. Chisa's 1st PB details were already announced in the Ustream. I totally love how the cover looks. Even if it is a little bit simple, it totally made my day. This PB were announced long time ago, so it really made me happy to hear about it again.

So, the cover has Chisa posing in a bikini while looking at the camera smiling(so cute!!). The title is Chisato in kanji. Chisa really looks cute in this cover, it really made me so excited to see what's inside. too bad I can't have a copy. I think i'll wait for someone to release some photos of her PB. 

Next stop is her solo DVD details. Well, the title of this DVD is "Chisa". I don't have any details about this DVD, but hope it'll come out great. I still don't know when the DVD will be released, but for the PB, it will be officially released this coming November 24. Whoa, just two days from now?! Well, it'll be a very a great Christmas present for Chisa.

Happy birthday to Captain Saki!

Today is Captain's birthday, and another greetings again here.
I didn't manage to greet her earlier today because of the over time rehearsal. She's already 19? Whoa! haha. She doesn't look like it. the first time I saw her in the Berryz PV of Special Generation, I nearly thought she's the youngest. I really admit she's so cute and just looks like the youngest of the group. When I surf into the internet to found out more about them, I was so shocked that she's the oldest member.  Okay, I was amazed by how she dance in that PV, I mean, she enjoys it, and just so cute and tiny!!! I watched some of her videos and found out that she's one of the best dancers in H!P. I became a fan of her after those amazing facts about her.

I really wondered why they didn't give her a PB yet. She's the Berryz Koubou captain/leader, a very talented idol, and no PB? They should give her a PB as her birthday present. Fans are praying for her PB, and I do to. Well, even if I can't really buy one, I just wish she'll have one sooner. 

So, I didn't manage to make her a slide show, and I'm really sorry about that. I'm just too busy and time is running for me to study. I'm so sorry. But hopefully, she enjoyed her special day with BK, friends, family and everyone. Best wishes for her. 

Happy 19th Birthday Captain!