Monday, January 25, 2016

[Concert Review] Morning Musume PRISM 7th of December

Good Day everyone.
Time for the last concert review of this trip.

Morning Musume PRISM concert.

December 7th, my last day of the trip, and I really looked forward to it.
I came there around noon, and it was really warm there, (well, for northen people like me anyway), so while the japanese fans wore jackets and such, I wore only "spring clothes". After standing in queue for around 2½ hour I could finally start to see the goods tent, and I was stupid and hurt my foot while just standing up (haha), it took my 3 hours, from getting there to getting my goods.
Then I met up with one of my friends that I met the day before at the ANGERME handshake event, and hung out with him and his friends until the doors opened, then we decided to meet up afterwards too.

The concert, OMG, it was so lovely and so sad.
It was the first Budokan concert with Morning Musume for me, and like ANGERME budokan, I had arena seat, not as great as ANGERME but still.

The setlist was wonderful, and yet so sad, since it was the final days of Sayashi Riho MM days.
It was the first time for me hearing certain songs live, so I was really happy,
I also managed to catch a few of the things that got thrown out from the roof (a great reason to get a arena seat xD)
The one song I really hoped to hear, was Dokkan Capriccio, so even if it was just a part of the medley, I was really happy.

Only thing I had against was the fire, god it was so warm, that if I hadnt been drinking something before, I would probably have fainted (I sure hope no-one did)

I still have hard to believe I was there, and everything.
But, it is worth it, and you should try to travel to Japan, and attend concerts, checkis and whatever more is possible.
It will be a lifetime memory.


Next concert review, will be - I don't know, haha, I will travel to Japan in end of May, and I know for a fact I'll attend Tamura Meimi graduation concert, and that one might be the first one or the last or the only one for that trip, we'll see.