Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mano Erina Keizoku 2: SPEC Shots

So, Erina has been a guest  on episode 7 of the TBS drama Keizoku 2: SPEC. I just found some cute screen shot photos from the Hello!Online Picboard from this drama.

I didn't notice her in a very first look, until I read her name in the tags, and just remembered that she's been a guest in a drama lately.She's totally cute with her Rossy royal red dress. what's with that serious pose? with a gun pointing on her? 

 That book she's holding seems to be interesting to read in. It is entitled "Important person in the world" as how I can read it closely. She's totally cute.

I'm not really familiar about the story of this drama. I think it is a solving-cases-drama series for me, not really sure about it. Whoa! is that a huge corn behind her? I love her facial expression in this photo. I wonder if who that guy is. He's seems to be holding a glowing-thingy.

Here is a photo again, Erina talking to someone on the phone with a guy pointing a gun to her at the same time. I'm so thrilled and totally want to watch this drama.

Now, this lady, i think she's main character of the drama, as how you notice, she's the lady in the very first picture. The plot of this drama says that her left arm is in a sling due to a previous case. She looks funny though.

I wonder why Erina is leaning down against the car unconsciously? I'm now totally thrilled! Her red dress and the red car matches perfectly. ~~Cute~~

Erina looks seriously awesome here. she really looks like a very cute princess with the same pose shown in the first screenshot photo.

Last but not the least, my most favorite photo. Erina giving a cute peace sign and wearing something in purple which brightens my day. I think it's the moment she introduced herself with a very sweet personality as how you observed, or in the end saying goodbye to everyone. I really want to watched this episode. It made me feel so thrilled looking at these pictures.

Erina has been into movies and dramas such as in horrors. she really mostly been into horrors. How I wish to watch her movies. It really makes me thrill so much just by looking at each of the pictures. Hope I can see a full episode with English subs of course so that I can understand.

Okay! So that's the end of the entry. please look forward for my future entries.


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