Monday, December 22, 2014

HP Fanvote 2014 Results!

Hello! Project 2014 Fanvote results are in! This was a poll done for H!P's international fans, which started last year. In the 2014 version of the poll, new categories were added to spice things up. So are you ready to see the result???

*Drum roll*

We were asked to rank our Top 10 favorite members for the poll and here is the raw data on how many votes they got from each rank. Note that each rank has a corresponding points that will soon be added up for the Final Ranking of the members. 
(For those who are new to Hello! Project, this has been color coded according to groups, Morning Musume'14, Berryz Kobou, C-ute, S/mileage, Juice=Juice).

Last year, Suzuki Airi (C-ute) was voted as H!P's No. 1 girl after adding all the total points per ranking, though it was a very close fight against Michishige Sayumi (Morning Musume) for the No. 1 spot.

But this year....

The recently graduated H!P and Morning Musume leader, Michishige Sayumi came out as the winner with more than 1000pts ahead of Suzuki Airi, proving that she's not leaving H!P without claiming that No. 1 spot. They hype towards her graduation had contributed in her success for this years poll! But of course, it's a well deserved one cause there's no denying that Sayumi's Pink Army is not something to be underestimated. So Congratulations Sayu for being H!P's 2014 No. 1 girl!!!

Final Ranking
Unlike from last year, this time only 2 girls (Suzuki Airi, Yajima Maimi) outside Morning Musume made it in the Top 10. Kudo Haruka and Suzuki Kanon has managed to kick out Sugaya Risako and Okai Chisato from the Top 10. However, Oda Sakura has managed to dethrone Sayashi Riho from the Top 5, having jumped from 3 places, from rank 7 to rank 4 this year! The biggest jump in the ranking comes from Tamura Meimi who jumped 9 places from Rank 25 last year to Rank 16 this year! Outranking fellow member Fukuda Kanon who was the highest ranking member from their group, S/mileage last year, which currently puts Meimi as their most popular member this 2014 as voted by international fans. Sadly, Katsuta Rina still remains at the bottom of the ranking. 

Sayumi further proves her supremacy over the other girls getting the most No. 1 votes in their Oshimen Ranking. 

Time for the NEW CATEGORIES that had been added to the poll.

Morning Musume'14's vocal prowess, Oda Sakura surprisingly beats the highly acclaimed Suzuki Airi as the Best Singer in Hello! Project but it was a close fight between these 2 lovely and amazing vocalists.

Ishida Ayumi wins as Best Dancer in Hello! Project. However, the Top 5 spots still goes to H!P's dance machines. But there's no denying that C-ute members dominated this category!

As for Best Performer, expect nothing less from a pro like Suzuki Airi! She got the voice, the skills, the groove, the charm and a charisma of a true idol performer! 

Michishige Sayumi grabs 2 more special awards as she wins by a landslide vote as Best Blogger and Most Photogenic!

Nonaka Miki surprises everyone as she wins "Favorite Newcomer" beating out the fan favorite Sasaki Rikako! But of course, this poll is made for international fans, we need someone who can speak proper English! Nonaka Miki will definitely be Morning Musume's link in conversing with international fans!

As for the H!P singles that came out this year, TokiSora by Morning Musume'14 wins Best Single, Best Music Video and Overall Song Ranking!

Congratulations to the winners! More people had been able to vote this time, almost twice the number of votes from last year! Hopefully, in the 2015 H!P Fanvote it'll be triple! So did your favorite member made it on top?

here's a bonus poll, see what International Fans are made of....

Credits to : Hero Ly for doing the table of results ^_^ and his hard work for this poll!

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