Sunday, October 31, 2010

MyMeLyricist Blog just reached 1,000 views

So, today, MyMeLyricist blog reached the thousand views. Thank you very much!

I don't know what to say but Thank You Very Much for supporting MyMeLyricist blog. I think the new design and polls that I made few days ago will be part of the great celebration for this wonderful achievement. Reaching 1,000 views for only a month and 14 days is a very great achievement for me. This blog started last September 17, 2010 and hey! I already reach the thousand views. I never expect for this achievement. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. This great news made my day, thank you.

I'll keep this blog updated so please look forward for the future posts. Thank you for supporting MeMyLyricist blog.

Berryz Koubou’s 24th single B-side entitled Chotto Samishii na

The full preview for this song has been released a while ago too. Well, a short preview has been released already few weeks ago, but I just heard it today, so I'll share it with you guys.

This song sounds so calm, which I somewhat like to a song, since it makes me think of something calmly. It really made me love Berryz koubou more, their songs are turning to be great more than I expected. This is now one of my favorite songs ^_^.

Anyway, here's the full preview for the song.... ENJOY!

C-ute’s 14th single b-side entitled Seishun! Mugen Power

A preview for this song has been released a while ago. It's a good thing that I had a chance to update for this thing.
This song sounds to be an upbeat but a calm lively song. It sounds nice since Nakky and Maimai's voices are good to be combined, in other words, they are the lead vocalists for the song. It is sure powerful since the song after all means "Youth! infinite power". The guitar sounds at the bridge part sounds familiar, it is how it was played. Should find out where.

Anyway, here's the preview for the song. ENJOY!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Tsunku!

Today is Tsunku's birthday, and since he is one of my favorite composers, I'll greet him by posting a birthday entry here. ^_^

He is a singer-songwriter, talent-manager, record producer, mix engineer, musician, actor and a television presenter. Wow! look how great he is. A great musician of all time. I'm not really a big fan of him, but I love his writing songs, and how he write songs for the Hello!Project.

He sang some of his writing songs such as Osaka koi no Uta, Aruiteru, and Resonant Blue of Morning Musume. He does sing great, of course, he's the one who wrote it.

Resonant blue is one of my favorite songs (well, everything is my favorite. LOL!) He sings great. I'm now a big fan of him! weeeh

Osaka koi no uta is a great song, he is really a legendary songwriter..

Aruiteru is a song for everyone. He sing this song romantically. He has this type of voice that makes the song like that. Love it!

He is now..uhhhmm.. 42 years old? well, hope God will give him many years to come. Let us all support him for writing more wonderful songs.

During the recording of Morning musume single "Love machine", he is one of the back up vocals, and hey, he seems to be enjoying it greatly. He dances, and make some funny poses. I think he didn't notice that someone is recording him..

He teaches the members how to sing the song correctly, and he makes it easy for them. I thought he's a little more strict than usual, but he is like a father to all of them.

Oooh.. found some pictures from his blog where he received a surprise birthday party in Aoyama.

anyway, Happy 42nd birthday Tsunku, and hope many years will come.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Berryz Koubou "Shining Power" Full PV

The PV of Berryz Koubou "Shining Power" has been released several days ago.

The dark outfits don't really fits to the light background, I prefer more darker. Now I get it why I really don't like Berryz PVs, it is because it don't really fit well to their costumes and background/theme (not all, but some of it). Anyway, the close-up backgrounds are their member color, and I just find out that Miyabi is the purple one, good one!

The ping pong part seems fun, everyone is holding their own color rackets. The sliding effects of the video parts are interesting. The choreography for this song looks great than the other choreography they have been. Kumai's been in the center for all the time, it makes Risako to take a rest of being in the center all the time. This song's sounds a little bit like in their other single Ryuusei Boy, at the beginning part.

Kumai looks great with her hair, I was so curious when I saw their picture wearing those outfits, I thought it's a new member, but hey! it's Kumai. Gosh, it really made me realize that it was her when I identify all the members one by one. she rocks the center. Captain sings great, also Chinami. Risako really looks beautiful with her hair like that, I can see her eyes clearly. I don't like her eyes covered with her bangs. I like it.

Anyway, this single seems to be the SHINING POWER of Yurina *Laugh*. It is a great one, Berryz Koubou impressed me again. This single will be release this coming November 10. Hope all the fans will support and buy a copy of their single.

C-ute 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas" radio preview

The radio preview for C-ute's 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas" has been released. Well, it was released early yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to hear it, since the headphone for my computer's not working. well, I just bought a new one today, and it's time for me to share you my thoughts about it.

This song is a ballad type, which sounds great too. The sound of the bells makes a great combination for the song, with the guitar which is playing along with the song. It seems that all the members got fair lines, as how I can hear. The bridge part is my favorite, it sounds great. Can't wait for the PV, another great song from C-ute again. All of their songs impressed me so much, can't wait for another one to be released ^_^

This single will be a wonderful Christmas present for everyone, since it'll be released early December, it's going to be amazing. So, it's going to be released this coming December 1, I think the PV will be released a week or two before the release.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

お誕生日おめでとうございます "O tanjoubi omedetougozaimasu"

Weeeh! Today is Mai-K's 28th birthday! and as usual, I'll make her a special entry as a birthday greeting.
She released her 34th single 2 months ago, and it's totally awesome. Songs like those are the types I'm really into. That's why I really, really, really love her. She's the one who write her songs too, so that adds my loving for her. She's the first Japanese singer I have known, and that starts my addiction of Japanese music. 

I made her a Birthday story as a present for her birthday last year. It is a story about a princess who loves to sing. I just mixed her music videos, and had a instrumental music from somewhere. Here is the video if you want to watch it.. ^_^

The colors of the letters are not clearly visible such as the white ones, so sorry for that.

Here are some of my favorite photos of her: (click the picture for a bigger image)
This photo was from her single "Beautiful". Blue color makes everything around her calmly wonderful
This photo is edited by someone, and it really turns to be a great picture. 

This is from her album "touch me" I think.. I totally forgot! OMG~

Edited by someone again, I think.. But it is such a wonderful picture of Mai-K singing

A gray scale picture which is somewhat calm and beautiful.

Mai-K, the pitcher of base ball? or Softball? gosh! I should learn about these sports. Anyway, cute gloves she had there.

Ichibyogoto ni Love for You cover. I totally love this song.

Loving this one, I don't know why, but I love it!!!

The left side of the photo seems to be in the Shiroi Yuki music video, maybe. and the right side seems to be in a recording studio.. I love this one also.. of course..

Mai-K in a magazine. Seeing this one makes me wish to have the magazines where she is featured in.

Calm blue suits her always..from her single "Beautiful"

Another calming blue and the sunlight against her..

She is so beautiful, talented, and a wonderful songwriter. People are saying that her songs are simple but meaningful, and I agree with that. Even if it's simple, the words she is singing are all meaningful, that's why people love her. Anyway, HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY to Mai Kuraki, may god give you more years to live, enjoy your special day, and god bless you always..

From the heart of you fans....

To end this entry, I'll share you my most favorite song she wrote, "Secret of my Heart". This song is so meaningful to me, so ENJOY!

C-ute 14th Single Outfits

So, the C-ute's 14th single entitled "Aitai Lonely Christmas" outfits has been released a while ago.
Each member's outfit really suits the Christmas theme perfectly especially the winter season. It really made me so excited to have a full view of their outfits ever since they opened up their Official Youtube Channel.
Seeing their outfits makes me feel the season already. Not the winter, but the Christmas. I just noticed something new about chisa too, hmmm... Hey! wait! did she dyed her hair brown? oh? and her hair is now longer than before.. haha..and it totally suits her leopard clothes. She looks so cute.

Maimi keeps her beauty always in track. I noticed something weird about her, her hand is always in her heart, if you noticed..I don't think it's weird.  Nakky has a big scarf, I wonder if she can dance well wearing that. She has a very cute boots. WOW!

Airi has a very cute hat, I totally love it. She has also a cute winter boots, and a cute white poncho. I think everything is cute around them. *laugh* Chisato looks great with her outfit. A leopard hat, brown boots, and a new hair color.  Maimai was the first one to catch my attention as I look at the picture at their youtube channel, and it really gives me a big smile. I think pink makes a good combination to her cuteness. She's really a grown up lady now. 

I really look forward for their radio preview and also the PV. I wonder how it turns out. I heard that it is a ballad song. Let's see about that later..

it'll be release this coming December 1, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poll is here!

So, MyMeLyricist blog just reached the 600 hits of views for just only 2 months ever since I opened this blog.YAY *applause* For celebrating, I'm going to install up a monthly poll which will start today.
This blog was visited mostly by the H!P fans and lovers, so I was thinking, my first poll will be involving about Hello!Project.
So, here's my first poll
Yup, the first poll will be "Which leader is the best?". I know Ai-chan always got the most high votes mostly in all polls of the other blogs I visited, so I want to know how you support them the other ones. The poll will be officially close this coming November 26, 2010. So vote now..
Left to right:
Ai Takahashi(morning musume), Saki Shimizu(Berryz koubou), 
Maimi Yajima(C-ute), Ayaka Wada(S/mileage)
Thanks for visiting anyway!

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Blog Design!!!~YAY~

So, I changed the MyMeLyricist blog today. It is the theme of blue stars and purple hearts with a white simple background.
I decided to change my blog's style few days ago, and I already finished it. I'm so glad I finished it all tonight. I made the header more bigger than before theme. This time's theme is also lighter than before, if you noticed. Thanks for my friends suggestions, it really turned out to be good and cute.This is a celebration for the blog's successful stats/views. This blog started last month which reached 205 views only, and as for the current views for this month, it reaches almost 400 views, overall, 600 views. It is a good news for everybody and for this blog.
Thanks for supporting MyMeLyricist blog, I really appreciate it. I'll do my best to make this blog more updated and please look forward for the future entries.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Morning Musume Outfit For “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”

The outfits for the Morning musume upcoming single "Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game" (Girl and Guy’s Lullaby Game) has been released few days ago. I'm so surprised since it is somewhat simple than I expected. Each of them are wearing their member color code:
Ai Takahashi(leader): Red
Risa Niigaki (Sub-leader): Green
Eri Kamei: Orange
Reina Tanaka: Blue
Sayumi Michishige: Pink
Aika Mitsui: Purple!!
Junjun: Light blue
Linlin: Yellow

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

誕生日おめでとう"Tanjoubi omedetou Gaki-san"

So, today is Gaki's birthday, and I decided to greet her by posting a special entry. Yes, she's one of my most top idols in the whole world.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Berryz Koubou

So, I manage to hear all the Berryz koubou 23 singles last night, and they quickly impressed me much. Their songs (some of them) are not so bad as what I expect. The type of the songs they releases are something like variety. Some of them are something serious, fun, calm, and etc. I love their 10th single "Jiriri Kiteru", since this is the type of a song I always love. A mature type song.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

私の愛をいずれかを満たしてください "Watashi no ai o izure ka o mitashite kudasai"

So this time's topic will be about Kai-kun (Kaito). I know you guys wonder if who this guy is since I mention him to some several entries I post. Then it's time for me to introduce him to you all.

Friday, October 1, 2010

新しいページ "Atarashii pēji"

I just added a new page for the blog today. It is my favorite photos of my favorite idols. I spent 4 hours finishing it, and yet I'm not satisfied. I think I'll finish it later on, since it's already late at night, and I'm still lack of rest. I'll add more definition for it, and photos too. Those are still half of my chosen ones. So hope you guys will look forward until I update this.