Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big Change! "MyMeLyricist" into "~Chuu!! Sugoi!Idol"

So, I announced earlier last week that I'll change the blog's theme into more H!P. Well, since I really got a hard time to think about what design should I make, I just made it as a theme that has more Maimai look. It turns out to be cute though.
Well, as how you noticed, I changed the title and of course, the link too. It made me feel so awkward since I'll change it into a fully H!P blog and the title "MyMeLyricist" makes the reader curious, I think. So, I change it into something cuter, "~Chuu!!Sugoi!Idol". Well, it's cute for me, even if the title don't have the exact meaning. It's just a cute expression about a young idol. Maimai's the star of the new-made-design, since, well, she's the first idol who brought me to H!P. It has scattered colorful flowers, featuring Maimai in a cute navy blue summer dress. I only did change the theme, and some of the settings, but I still have to work on about the entries, backgrounds, gadgets, and many more.

I'm glad I finished it for like 6 hours. I started doing this one just this noon, and gladly finished it. I got a little bit trouble about the main background's size, since you can't really just search it in the internet to find out what size it should be it, instead doing that, I just measure it myself. Fortunately, it got the exact measure.

Anyway, I couldn't have done this without everyone's support. Reaching the 3,000 hits for like 3 months and a half makes me want to write more. Thank you very much to those who always have the effort to read my H!P fanblog. This will be my early Christmas and New Year present for all of you. Thank you once again!

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