Saturday, November 27, 2010

Poll Closed!

So the "Which Leader is the Best?" poll has been closed yesterday early morning with such a great amount for a blog's first poll. Ai-chan got 54 votes, Saki got 33 votes, Maimi got 28 votes, and Ayaka got 11 votes. So, Ai-chan won as expected since she's one of the most respected leader in Hello!Project.
I still have to think of an idea to celebrate every winners of every poll. I think I have to skip this months winner since I'm still so busy for school, and everything bothers me to do something right. So, I'll just open up a new poll, and I'll celebrate it double after it closes.

This month's poll will be "Which S/mileage Member do you Like most?", it'll close this new years eve at exactly 11:59 PM. So take your time voting for your favorite member until new year's eve. So vote now guys!!

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