Welcome to "Chuu!!Sugoi!Idol" blog. This blog officially opened on the 17th day of September 2010. 
       This blog is founded by me, Ran-chan, and currently teaming up with 4 amazing authors which I turned to be good friends with. They're Little Miyo, Miu, and Min. They got so much in common with their names, nee? Anyways, I asked them to write something about their selves.. Enjoy!

Little Miyo:

I’m not living a simple life but I’m trying hard to make it simple ^^. I’m Miyo Kaoin,18 years old, I don’t appear to be in my stated chronological year since mostly everyone thinks I’m younger than that. I’m attracted with pink, cute stuffs and glittering accessories. I grew up watching animes and I instantly fell in love with the Japanese culture. I consider dancing and drawing as my God-given-gifts. I dream of meeting my ultimate idols, Ashley Tisdale and Suzuki Airi. Books are the culprit why I always end up daydreaming but to be honest, I prefer to be in my own fantasy than in reality. I want a way out of this dull, boring life and find my way in a world I can call my own.

Here's something about my self~! My full name is Min Yook Choi, in Korean 최민욱(崔民煜).I am a male who was born on 11 October 1986 in Seoul, Korea.My blood type is AB.I love to watch or read mangas, animes, movies, dramas and also love to play video games!I used to listen to all J-Pop songs as many as I can listened to but these days I only listening to H!P songs~^^~I always wanted to live in Japan since I was little kid but don't know why~I think it's because of animes, mangas, and games~But these days I want to move to Japan and live there because of H!P~^^~But I know that this is just a dream that I will never achieve.....


I'm Miu, age sixteen and 100% H!P supporter for more than three years. I love Hello! Project with all my heart, and -ute is the best and most special group to me, which the most amazing girls I could ever love. Hagiwara Mai gives me the biggest smiles and joy, because she is the girl that I admire and love the most.
I also love writing and blogging, so being an admin for the H!P fanpage is something I love, especially when I can work with my fandom!
They're so great, aren't they? Oh, me? Well, *ehem*
I'm Ran, a 16 year old Filipino teenage girl who loves Hello!Project so much! It started when I accidentally opened one of the videos of Mai Hagiwara in Youtube singing "Everyday Yeah Kataomoi" along with C-ute, and they're so adorable in that video. I firstly thought that they only entered a contest, since I never ever thought having very young idols with such a talented trait. I've been dreaming going to Japan someday and go to one of H!P's concerts, buy their goods, and everything! I think I'm already crazy about them. HAHA. Well, I'll work very hard to achieve that dream. My favorite idols are Maimai, Gaki, Sakitty, Koharu, and the whole H!P family. Even though I'm not really fond in Berryz, I still admire their music such as the Koi no Jubaku, Special Generation, Heroine Narou Ka?, Dakishimete Dakishimete, and all recent songs by them. Everything about H!P are all my favorite, nothing to hate. They're just too amazing!
     There are still another author that was part of the team, but she quit without stating any reasons. Well, maybe she's just so busy with her studies right now. I really feel bad about it.
Min and Miu are the winners of our "Authors and Admins Audition" for the blog. Which, some of the readers call them as Nikies. :P I invited Little Miyo to be part of the team, because I know she has the potential to help me keep this blog up. Well, I don't think I can keep this blog up with my self only because of many busy things.
      In the year of 2013, CIS team became very busy with both work and studies. That's why we can't really update the blog as much as we did before. Also, we welcomed another author named Karurou kun. He is a big fan of Suzuki Airi. I asked him to write an introduction about himself and I'll post it here later on.

     In the year of 2015, the blog became inactive until November 15, 2015, when the CIS team decided to open another audition for the 4th Gen Authors.
    We will introduce them to you sooon! So please look forward to it (^^)

Thank you for visiting Chuu!Sugoi!Idol and don't forget to be updated with our posts! <3