Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy birthday to Captain Saki!

Today is Captain's birthday, and another greetings again here.
I didn't manage to greet her earlier today because of the over time rehearsal. She's already 19? Whoa! haha. She doesn't look like it. the first time I saw her in the Berryz PV of Special Generation, I nearly thought she's the youngest. I really admit she's so cute and just looks like the youngest of the group. When I surf into the internet to found out more about them, I was so shocked that she's the oldest member.  Okay, I was amazed by how she dance in that PV, I mean, she enjoys it, and just so cute and tiny!!! I watched some of her videos and found out that she's one of the best dancers in H!P. I became a fan of her after those amazing facts about her.

I really wondered why they didn't give her a PB yet. She's the Berryz Koubou captain/leader, a very talented idol, and no PB? They should give her a PB as her birthday present. Fans are praying for her PB, and I do to. Well, even if I can't really buy one, I just wish she'll have one sooner. 

So, I didn't manage to make her a slide show, and I'm really sorry about that. I'm just too busy and time is running for me to study. I'm so sorry. But hopefully, she enjoyed her special day with BK, friends, family and everyone. Best wishes for her. 

Happy 19th Birthday Captain!

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