Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I want to greet everyone, especially the H!P fans around the world, a Merry Christmas. Today's the Christmas day, the day to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth. Christmas carols are all around, Christmas lights lighten the whole world, and the heart of Jesus Christ gives us courage to live.

Speaking of Christmas carols, I just found some video clips of morning musume singing some Christmas carols. This was taken few years ago, it's still the old momusu that everyone knew. ENJOY GUYS

I really love this one. The momusu was doing the version of 60s, with a very cute sundress. I'm not really familiar with the groups they're impersonating or something, well, it was said to be morning musume christmas present for everyone. Well, anyway, enjoy guys!

This one was a medley of morning musume along with the other Japanese groups, as what I can say, there's a group called SPEED in this clip, I think it's the group beside momusu, in the front row. They had a medley with the songs white Christmas mixed with the song Rudolph the red nose reindeer. I really love the unity of these groups.

This one was a performance of morning musume singing "Rudolph the red nose reindeer". In this one, they're wearing a very cute reindeer outfit, it really suits their cute personality when it comes to singing. the very cute part of this was when they dance so cute. I really adore their cuteness.

This time is a slow but a very bright and lovely song. Momusu singing "White Christmas" really calms our hearts, and I really like the way they sing it. 
I really like this one too, especially when it comes to Ai-chan's voice, it never change, beautiful and so angelic as ever. As how you notice, her voice before and her voice right now in the present are not really different as how time pass. Rika's voice was so sweet, and I really love this version.. 

This time will be C-ute's caroling.. ENJOY!
It is C-ute singing "Silent Night" with a very cute santa outfit with their member color. It's a capella and Kappa was the one who's leading the group. This was taken during their FC event last 2008. Kanna-chan was the perfect santa in this one. 
This one is C-ute too, but they didn't do any vocals, instead, they used the bells for this song and it's "Silent Night". Maimai's so cute here, but I wonder why she stopped ringing her bells near the end.. Oh,well, she's cute. 

So far, those are the things I can share to you guys as part of my present for all of you. Even if it's a holiday, I was a little bit busy and can't prepare a proper Christmas greeting for all of you, sorry about that, but hope you like it. The photo above was just a simple banner for Christmas greetings, hope you like it, since I made it in a little rush.


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  1. I absolutely love this blog post! Great music! I really loved C-ute singing "Silent Night", I thought it was soo beautiful. <3

    I hope you have a very merry christmas! :)