Saturday, December 4, 2010

Congratulations to Hello!SayuNii Blog

I just got home, and was so happy for hearing the news that Hello!SayuNii blog just reached the goal of 1,000,000 hits. I want to congratulate Hello!SayuNii by making a special entry of congratulating.
This has been my most favorite H!P blog, and I really looked forward to every entry Ado is posting. It really made my day when I read the latest entries every day. Hello!SayuNii is one of my greatest inspirations to be a blog author too. Because of it, MyMeLyricist blog exist. Ado mentioned in SayuNii blog that he'll be making some exciting surprises such as a new banner, new sections, new reviews and many more. Another one is Ado was expecting for a new author for the blog, I would likely audition for the blog new author, but I don't think I'll clearly pass since I'm still developing my writing skill, and having the sense of looking for sources.

Anyways, I'll keep supporting Hello!SayuNii Blog for like forever. It's kind of great as an early Christmas present for the blog, and the hardworking author Ado. Oh, and thank you for the entries you're posting Ado, it gave me a chance to know H!P more better, and help me give more opinions here in my blog. We'll keep supporting you, and we'll really look forward for your great future entries..

Congratulations Once Again!

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