Sunday, December 12, 2010

MyMeLyricist Blog just reached 3,000 views

MyMeLyricist just reached the 3000 views, thank you for those who visits. I'm so surprise that my blog hits this far, since it just hit the 2000 views last November 23, and got more 1000 views for only 20 days. Thank you very much.

I was thinking of a new look this coming new year, more H!P look, I think I'll work for it this coming vacation. Oh, and since Eririn, Junjun, and Linlin will graduate this coming December 15, I am currently preparing for a graduation entry/present for them, so please look forward for it. Anyways, since I'm still a little bit busy, I'm not going to make this entry long. Thank you very much to everyone who supports MyMeLyricist, especially to those who always visits and read my entries. Thank you..

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