Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mano Erina Keizoku 2: SPEC Shots

So, Erina has been a guest  on episode 7 of the TBS drama Keizoku 2: SPEC. I just found some cute screen shot photos from the Hello!Online Picboard from this drama.

I didn't notice her in a very first look, until I read her name in the tags, and just remembered that she's been a guest in a drama lately.She's totally cute with her Rossy royal red dress. what's with that serious pose? with a gun pointing on her? 

 That book she's holding seems to be interesting to read in. It is entitled "Important person in the world" as how I can read it closely. She's totally cute.

I'm not really familiar about the story of this drama. I think it is a solving-cases-drama series for me, not really sure about it. Whoa! is that a huge corn behind her? I love her facial expression in this photo. I wonder if who that guy is. He's seems to be holding a glowing-thingy.

Here is a photo again, Erina talking to someone on the phone with a guy pointing a gun to her at the same time. I'm so thrilled and totally want to watch this drama.

Now, this lady, i think she's main character of the drama, as how you notice, she's the lady in the very first picture. The plot of this drama says that her left arm is in a sling due to a previous case. She looks funny though.

I wonder why Erina is leaning down against the car unconsciously? I'm now totally thrilled! Her red dress and the red car matches perfectly. ~~Cute~~

Erina looks seriously awesome here. she really looks like a very cute princess with the same pose shown in the first screenshot photo.

Last but not the least, my most favorite photo. Erina giving a cute peace sign and wearing something in purple which brightens my day. I think it's the moment she introduced herself with a very sweet personality as how you observed, or in the end saying goodbye to everyone. I really want to watched this episode. It made me feel so thrilled looking at these pictures.

Erina has been into movies and dramas such as in horrors. she really mostly been into horrors. How I wish to watch her movies. It really makes me thrill so much just by looking at each of the pictures. Hope I can see a full episode with English subs of course so that I can understand.

Okay! So that's the end of the entry. please look forward for my future entries.


S/mileage Cute photos

So, I was surfing through the Hello!Online Picboard a while ago, and found these funny cute pictures of S/mileage. They're all so cute with those funny outfits.
 First up is the cute S/mileage babies picture. Wada-chan looks not-so-like baby face. Well, I totally love how Kanon, Saki, and Yuuka looks, they really have this baby face. kanon is the best baby face in the whole group. i'll take Yuuka and Saki both second place in baby cute faces, and thirdly Wada-chan. they're totally cute.

Next stop is the old-grannies S/mileage picture. I really laugh hard looking at this picture. I can't even recognize Kanon and ayaka with those funny granny faces. Wada-chan looks like a very cute granny here. Kanon looks like a very kind and gentle cute granny, while Sakitty looks a very old grumpy cute granny. Yuuka seems to be having a worried old granny face but still cute.

These photos made my day. Enjoy guys!

Poll Closed!

So the "Which Leader is the Best?" poll has been closed yesterday early morning with such a great amount for a blog's first poll. Ai-chan got 54 votes, Saki got 33 votes, Maimi got 28 votes, and Ayaka got 11 votes. So, Ai-chan won as expected since she's one of the most respected leader in Hello!Project.
I still have to think of an idea to celebrate every winners of every poll. I think I have to skip this months winner since I'm still so busy for school, and everything bothers me to do something right. So, I'll just open up a new poll, and I'll celebrate it double after it closes.

This month's poll will be "Which S/mileage Member do you Like most?", it'll close this new years eve at exactly 11:59 PM. So take your time voting for your favorite member until new year's eve. So vote now guys!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MyMeLyricist Blog just reached 2,000 views

Whoa! Wait! MyMeLyricist blog just reached the 2,000 views??? YAY!!!! *round of applause*
So, I checked the blog's stats of views earlier today, and that gave me a big smile. MyMeLyricist blog just reached the 2000 views. Well, I didn't manage to celebrate this one because I still have to go to school. So, I'll make this celebration wonderfully.

I didn't expect that MyMeLyricist will come this far. It reached 2000 views for only 2 months and 6 days. I'm so speechless but thank you very much for supporting MyMeLyricist. I was expecting that I'll reach 2000 next year, but I think it is a wonderful early Christmas present. Thank you so much.
So, to celebrate, I'll show you some behind the scenes images of this blog, screenshots and many more.

Thank You Again for Supporting MyMeLyricist blog!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chisato Okai's 1st PB and Solo DVD

I just heard some fresh news today about chisa's 1st PB.
(I change the photo that was posted few days ago into a bigger preview)

I was reading my YM emails just a while ago, and a great news were unexpectedly sent. Chisa's 1st PB details were already announced in the Ustream. I totally love how the cover looks. Even if it is a little bit simple, it totally made my day. This PB were announced long time ago, so it really made me happy to hear about it again.

So, the cover has Chisa posing in a bikini while looking at the camera smiling(so cute!!). The title is Chisato in kanji. Chisa really looks cute in this cover, it really made me so excited to see what's inside. too bad I can't have a copy. I think i'll wait for someone to release some photos of her PB. 

Next stop is her solo DVD details. Well, the title of this DVD is "Chisa". I don't have any details about this DVD, but hope it'll come out great. I still don't know when the DVD will be released, but for the PB, it will be officially released this coming November 24. Whoa, just two days from now?! Well, it'll be a very a great Christmas present for Chisa.

Happy birthday to Captain Saki!

Today is Captain's birthday, and another greetings again here.
I didn't manage to greet her earlier today because of the over time rehearsal. She's already 19? Whoa! haha. She doesn't look like it. the first time I saw her in the Berryz PV of Special Generation, I nearly thought she's the youngest. I really admit she's so cute and just looks like the youngest of the group. When I surf into the internet to found out more about them, I was so shocked that she's the oldest member.  Okay, I was amazed by how she dance in that PV, I mean, she enjoys it, and just so cute and tiny!!! I watched some of her videos and found out that she's one of the best dancers in H!P. I became a fan of her after those amazing facts about her.

I really wondered why they didn't give her a PB yet. She's the Berryz Koubou captain/leader, a very talented idol, and no PB? They should give her a PB as her birthday present. Fans are praying for her PB, and I do to. Well, even if I can't really buy one, I just wish she'll have one sooner. 

So, I didn't manage to make her a slide show, and I'm really sorry about that. I'm just too busy and time is running for me to study. I'm so sorry. But hopefully, she enjoyed her special day with BK, friends, family and everyone. Best wishes for her. 

Happy 19th Birthday Captain!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Sakitty!

So, today is Saki-chan's 14th birthday, and as usual, I'm going to make a very special entry for my favorite idols like her.

Sakitty is now 14 years old, she's already grown up. I started to like her since I watched their Ama no Jaku PV and the live performance of the same song. She has the type of voice that impressed me so much, she's really cute too. When I made that birthday picture of her earlier, I really made a big expression "She suits the color of hot pink!" *laugh* . She has this great personality either, no wonder she raised her fan base so high. It's good to hear that S/mileage are getting more promotion for their singles and for their upcoming 1st album. I'll really keep supporting her and S/mileage!

Happy 14th Birthday Sakitty!

Anyway, I just found out how to add slideshows for the entry few days ago, and I want to make it as Sakitty's birthday present. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

C-ute 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas" Full PV

So, I'm from our first whole day rehearsal and just got home. I'm really, really, really, tired. But when I watched this PV, it made me regain my energy. It's a whole preview already!

It really made me surprise when I watched this PV, it's totally unique and different from their other PVs. There are many different kinds of shots shown in the PV. The house which has 5 oblong windows where the members were in, solo close-ups behind the trees, close ups in a room, the scene where they're doing some stuff like Maimai knitting something, Saki who is drinking tea, Airi who is waiting for someone's call, Maimi who is writing a present card, and Chisa who is holding a very cute stuff toy, scenes where the group sat in a white sled, and two different shots where all the members standing under the christmas trees with different positions. So far, this is the PV which has many various wonderful.

at the previous entry I posted, I was hoping that there will be a dance shot, but it seems that there's nothing. But it really turned out great without it, and since it's a very sad ballad song, I don't think that the dance shot will fit in this kind of song. I really love Maimai's, she's totally my favorite. All the members got fair lines, which is totally a great news to hear.

Watching this really, really, really made me want to have a copy for this single. It is totally unique and wonderful with those expressions of their faces. Oh, anyway, since I can't buy one, I hope this single will top in the oricon charts. Let's support more for C-ute everyone..

Anyway, here's the PV..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Morning Musume’s covers for 11th album "Fantasy! Juuichi "

The covers for morning musume's 11th album "Fantasy! Juuichi" has been released a while ago. Well, it was(covers) released several days ago, and it's kind of small, so I waited for the bigger previews, and here it is.
 The first one is the regular version cover where momusu pose like a cute mannequin dolls. I found the outfits a little bit familiar, and when I looked at it for a minute, it then made me realize that it was the elegant outfits of their 44th single PV onna to otoko no lullaby game. The member who has this most elegant pose is Eri wearing her beautiful rosy maroon dress. I was very impressed by her dress, she's a queen-like lady. The cutest is Reina-chan, and Sayumi's kind of adorable with her dress. Ai-chan seems to be having a weird pose, her legs were stretched to much, she should do it more bending like. Oh, and I noticed at the background seems to be a big doll house, it makes the cover perfect since there are dolls, and a doll house. perfect match!

Next is the limited version, it has the opposite background, the regular cover has a light background, while the limited cover has a dark background. I totally love this cover, a very wonderful setting it is. The doll house was featured open, and there is a dark brown couch where sayumi, eri, and gaki sat on (I prefer Linlin, junjun, and eri sat on that couch since they'll be graduating already, and it'll be their last album too). Linlin looks like a ballet dancer with that pose, ai-chan legs are stretched again, and Junjun makes her dress elegantly.

Now, I want a copy for this album by seeing these elegant covers, but I think it'll be hard for me to order one. It'll be released at the same day as C-ute 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas", December 1.

Friday, November 12, 2010

C-ute "Dance de Bakoon" 2s & 3s mixed version

Well, I just watched the 2s & 3s mixed version of C-ute's 13th single "Dance de Bakoon". It really made me smile starting at the beginning 'til the last part. They're really had fun taking this part. They can do anything, do some funny faces, and dance around, which interprets the single more about dancing.

The group was divided into two groups, one that has only two which consists of Airi and Maimi, and the other group consisting of Maimai, Nakky, and Chisa. The group of Nakky's was so much fun than the group of Maimi's. Well, they're all fun, but the most part I'm having fun of watching was the part of Nakky, Maimai, and Chisa.

I really love how Maimai looks in this PV, her hairstyle, cuteness, and how she smiles every time. Maimai is my most favorite member C-ute, so that made me happy seeing her that happy. Her cute funny weird faces she made really are cute and weird.*LAUGH*. Anyway, I really love how they made this version fun.

As expected, their 13th single turned to be one of my favorite, since it's the 13th, and my favorite number is 13, it'll really be my favorite. Does that really matters??? oh, well.. Dance de Bakoon is really great.

Belated Happy Birthday to Tanaka Reina

Well, since I'm busy for the exam few days ago, I haven't got a chance to greet Reina for her birthday last November 11. so I'll make it as belated.
She's already 21, right? oh, she's still cute. The time she joined the Momusu, she's still a yankii girl, wearing a skirt with skulls and dragons and had a tendency to wear a lot of purple clothing, also furthered this yankii image to her fans. Well, I've watched a clip of her audition, and she's really cute wearing those clothes. That makes her even cute anyway. She's well known to be one of the Morning Musume's main vocalists, and one of the most popular idols in Hello!Project. I may agree with those things, ever since her debut, she already lead the group (in songs). Koharu once commented her as a very serious idol when it comes to singing, dancing, and rehearsals. She's been a seiyuu of an anime character in a series entitled "Kaito Reinya", it is featured based on her personality, so that's why the main character really looks like her.

Anyway, I'll share you guys my favorite photos of her. Enjoy!!
Belated Happy 21st Birthday to Reina!!!

Fujimoto miki's father passed away

Fujimoto Miki's father passed away last November 10 due to some unknown causes. 

An article about this news has been released by Sanpo. Here's a translation for the article by Gator_yoong at aramathedidnt.
"Singer Fujimoto Miki (25)’s father passed away on the morning of the 10th in a hospital in Hokkaido. The cause of death is unknown. The unexpected news of the death shocked both Fujimoto and her mother.
According to sources, Fujimoto’s mother and father had been living apart, her mother lives in the city.
Fujimoto got married last year on July 11th to comedian Shouji Tomoharu (34). They had their wedding ceremony with just their families on July 3rd at Hokulia in Hawaii. Fujimoto’s father was present and was able to see his daughter in a wedding dress.
Fujimoto is from Hokkaido and auditioned for Morning Musume in 2000, she then moved to Tokyo. She’s active as an actress and singer. She also has a happy private life. Fujimoto will adjust her schedule and head to Hokkaido for the funeral service." 
This news is very expected, especially for the Fujimoto family. It's so unexpected for me to say the least, Miki's one of my favorite singers and I adore her the most, it made me feel so depress to hear this news. I would like to offer condolences to the Fujimoto family during these hard times. Hopefully, there will be more reports that'll be released soon to know about her father's cause of death. there aren't really enough details about it. So, I think I'll update about it sooner as I will hear more details about it..

C-ute 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas" single covers and PV preview released

There's been some cover previews released few weeks ago, and the sizes are small, so I can't really judge anything about it yet. So now, I found some bigger cover previews and I can now say things about it.
 First is the regular version cover. Their winter theme really suits the theme of the song, a ballad type. It is my second favorite cover of this single. It's really the C-ute I'm always expecting.

 Next is the limited A cover. For how I have noticed to every cover, it seems that Airi's always in the center, well, she's always in the center. This makes me guess that she's the center of the song again. I kind of bothered about Maimi's look. It's not like her, she has a weird smile for me. Maimai too, it's not like I hate it, but it's not their real smile/image. Why did they chose this shot anyway? oh, well.. It was still turned out to be great, since the background is like a golden festive place.

Last but not the least, the limited B cover. It is my most favorite cover of this single. It has the golden winter feeling when I'm looking at it. It may be the same as the regular cover, but it's the best one among the others. It's the one that impressed me most.

Well, everything turns to be great, it'll make me so excited to see the PV very soon. Well, a 30 second preview has been released a while ago, and it's very exciting to see the rest. The preview didn't show any dance shot, I wonder if they'll have one. Since the one that was shown was only the close ups, a scene where they are in a house alone (not really alone, but no one to talk or something), and all the members singing while in a white sled. I'm really going to look forward for the full PV. anyway, enjoy!

The new you tube dance sensation Chisato Okai

Hey guys! I'm totally back! whew. Exams were already over. I'm so excited of telling you guys about many, many things. Well, firstly, I'll tell you about Chisato's dance covers.

So, few days ago, the official C-ute youtube channel released some videos of Chisa doing dancing covers of their singles. I was so surprise when she did a cover, I firstly really thought that it's only a fan of C-ute doing dance covers as usual what fans really do.
The first one that they uploaded was the Dance de Bakoon dance cover. Chisa really rocks the song. Since it is dance de bakoon, it really made the cover rocking. It made the C-ute channel reached the 5,000 subscribers. this video has been viewed 390,000 already for only 3 days.

Next is the Ooki na Ai de Motenashite dance cover. It's a very cute song of C-ute. Now, this is how I define the cuteness of C-ute, one of the reason why I really love them. This song reminds of Megumi, Erika and Kanna, I wonder how they're doing, especially megu-chan.
Here's the latest dance cover of Chisa, Forever love, so far, it's my most favorite dance cover yet. The most powerful song, and by the word power, I mean the great choreography, it is totally awesome. C-ute's totally great. As how I noticed to Chisa, she really enjoy dancing just like how I observe to Gaki-san(when performing), they somewhat really enjoy doing it. 

Anyway, Chisa has now been a youtube dance sensation, as how the fans call her now, and that made C-ute surpass the 5000 mark in youtube, congratulation to them. Hope Chisa will do a tokaikko junjou dance cover, and so as the other C-ute members..It was viewed by the world, and Chisa even commented 

"Youtube is watched all over the world.  I’ve read the comments and so many of those wrote them are from different countries.  It made me so happy… it makes me glad I did this challenge."

I'm so glad that she made the fans happy, and so as herself. She's the first one who challenge herself to do a dance cover, and it turns out to be so great. It's even great that she tried to read our comments we posted, it's somewhat great to communicate with them. I'm going to look forward for the future dance covers of them and enjoy watching guys!!

Chisato the Dance Sensation!! weeehh

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Later guys!

So, I'll be out for a week and have no chance to update this blog possibly until friday or sunday, since rehearsals are coming up after the exams which will happen this week. Good luck for me. I will surely do my best, and in return after these busy and crazy things, I'll update this blog as long as I can, hope you guys will not get tired reading. ahaha.. oh, anyway, later guys! I will surely come back after those things. Please look forward for my future posts and entries.. Thank you very much!
Sorry about the not-so-good-looking image, I'm not good with these things, so hope you like it, even if it's not good! hehe

Berryz Koubou serene blogs

So, I was surfing in FB and found this links, I think those are the official blogs for the berryz koubou members. I'm totally shock when I found this news. Well, not really that shock but hey! they already got their blogs. I think they're the only ones who's haven't got their blog, and here it is.
The total shock is here. A very colorful banner for their new blog is extremely shocking for me. Let's see, materials such as pencil, piled books, answered questions of a book, blackboard, a school logo look alike which has their name on it really made everything turn to be so great. I just turned myself as a big fan of them, so this really made me excite.
Here's captain's banner. I think I love their banners more than C-ute's serene blogs since it is more colorful. It's not like I hate them or anything, I even love them(C-ute), I just prefer to Berryz Koubou banners' design, it really catches the feeling. Anyway, I totally love Captain's banner, it was surrounded with elegant flowers which really suits her personality.
Next is momochi's blog banner. It is kind of cute and really suits her cuteness. Pink flowers, hearts and a bow really is cute, isn't it? I think she's the only one who got a banner which has two pictures of her. It really turned out to be so cute.
Next stop is Chinami's blog banner. It features happy objects, such as sunflowers, smiling sun, air balloons, and butterflies which turned the banner to be a very bright one. This is the most lively banner among the Berryz members.
Next is Maasa's banner. It is a theme of baby pink like Momochi. But the difference is Maasa got a lady style while Momochi got the cutey style, for me. It has hearts, and marked kisses. It really suits her personality, which is great. 
Next stop, miya's blog banner. Having the theme of black and pink makes her image more lovely. Pink and black features her rockish style. It has black hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs, with pink shining heart near the title part, and the cute symbols shown in the corners. She rocks the banner though.. (LOL!)
 Next is Yurina's banner. It's kind of simple but cute. The rainbow makes the banner so perfect and cute. It features fying birds, drawn hearts, a cute teddy bear, cat and a puppy which made it more calm. I'll call this as a calm banner...Kidding.. it makes you feel calm, so that'll be a calm one..^_^
 Last but not the least, risako's banner. It is my most favorite banner among the other berryz blogs, since it has the beauty I really want to see. It kind of reminds me of her 1st single, elegant girl, since it is so elegant to look. The shining elegant mirror, elegant lamp. elegant stop watch? elegant key, elegant cup and all the elegant things that features in the banner sure is elegant.along with those elegant building LOL! Anyway, I think the color has the combination of hot pink and purple which makes me smile after seeing it.It really suits risako's image, since she's a very elegant girl, she's so beautiful if she had her weird fringe out of her eyes, and be covered by her elegant headband. She really raised her charisma into the highest level. She attract me the most.

The Berryz Koubou blogs are really great, they still don't have any entries yet, so let's all look forward for it. There's still more information lacking here, and I'll just update them later. Their titled banners ares till unknown to me, well, I can't really read Japanese characters and letters. I'll update them sooner or later 'til the info's revealed. So for now, I can share you the links, and the banners which are shown above.

[Note: click the images for bigger views]
Here's the links: