Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tamura Meimi & Suzuki Kanon has Officially Graduated from Hello!Project!

Tamura Meimi from ANGERME and Suzuki Kanon from Morning Musume'16 has officially graduated from Hello!Project!

It must have been tough seeing 2 consecutive days of graduations (T___T)
But seeing these two girls from the very start is wonderful.

We've been witnessing their idol life from the very start; how they auditioned, how they developed their skills, and become a beautiful flower of the idol world.

For the past few years since they joined the H!P family, it's been fun to see them perform, and smile for all the fans in the world. Now that they've set to reach another dream, they have to leave and graduate from their group.

Yet, part of their dream is to make the people in this world smile and be happy.

We will always support both of you as you step on the next path you will take!
We love you and gambatte! \(^o^)/

To end this post, we would like to present the graduation tribute made by fans all over the world for Meimi and Zukki! Enjoy watching!