Monday, November 22, 2010

Chisato Okai's 1st PB and Solo DVD

I just heard some fresh news today about chisa's 1st PB.
(I change the photo that was posted few days ago into a bigger preview)

I was reading my YM emails just a while ago, and a great news were unexpectedly sent. Chisa's 1st PB details were already announced in the Ustream. I totally love how the cover looks. Even if it is a little bit simple, it totally made my day. This PB were announced long time ago, so it really made me happy to hear about it again.

So, the cover has Chisa posing in a bikini while looking at the camera smiling(so cute!!). The title is Chisato in kanji. Chisa really looks cute in this cover, it really made me so excited to see what's inside. too bad I can't have a copy. I think i'll wait for someone to release some photos of her PB. 

Next stop is her solo DVD details. Well, the title of this DVD is "Chisa". I don't have any details about this DVD, but hope it'll come out great. I still don't know when the DVD will be released, but for the PB, it will be officially released this coming November 24. Whoa, just two days from now?! Well, it'll be a very a great Christmas present for Chisa.

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