Friday, December 10, 2010

S/mileage News!!

So, for the past several days, there are some things about S/mileage announced.

So, let's go to the latest first. S/mileage opened their own Youtube account today. It's kinda great to hear that S/mileage opened one, since C-ute, Berryz Koubou, and Mano Erina already opened one several months ago. The one that's left is Morning Musume. I'm so excited for Morning musume to get their own account.

Next, is the announcement that S/mileage will be the opening act for Morning Musume's graduation concert at Yokohama Arena this coming December 15, 2010. Another great news, right? S/mileage will be part for the big graduation concert. This will surely be Eri, Linlin, and Junjun's most memorable concert. But it's going to be more sadder as the the day nearly coming. Hope the 9th generation momusu members brighten us all up.

It is not announce, I just found it from the photos several days ago. I'm may be shock a little, but I think having a short hair is popular to japan. Right! Wada-chan and Yuuka cut their hair. They're so cute, and Wada's look made me like her more. Yuuka's totally cute, she looks like a very cute japanese doll, well, she looks a little bit mature now, but still so cute. I'm just so impress about Wada-chan's look, a beautiful leader of S/mileage. Out of the new hairstyles, I noticed Kanon's hair is so cute, I can't stop looking at her with those cute pigtails. 

To end the entry, I think I can share you guys a very funny picture of S/mileage that I found in the Hello!Online a while ago.

They're so cute here!

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