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12 Years of Awesomeness & ℃-uteness [TEAM C-UTE]

This will be my graduation/appreciation/my-love-for-C-ute post to celebrate their 12th year anniversary. I will do this one today, coz I might not be able to write tomorrow (I might become so emotional tomorrow, so I cannot hahah) Brace yourself, because it'll be a little bit of "My life as a fan of C-ute" lol

The day has come for ℃-ute to finally celebrate their 12th anniversary before having their last concert tomorrow, June 12, 2017.

It felt like it was just yesterday when they announced their disbandment. It was 10 months ago, I thought "We still have 10 months guys! 10 months to cherish them as much as we can" but I can't believe time flew so fast. 2 more days left for us to see ℃-ute together on stage. 2 more days until this legendary group walk off the stage, bidding their goodbyes to all of their fans as ℃-ute.

Back then, before I knew C-ute, or any other idol groups, it was never in my mind that there's such an existence young girls performing on stage with so much confidence. Because in my perspective, only girls in their 20s have the guts and the talent to sing and dance at the same time live on stage.

Then, I accidentally watched a video clip of a concert of C-ute, and I saw Hagiwara Mai performing and enjoying herself with so much confidence. I first thought that she was just joining a singing contest with some other girls, but later I found out that she's actually an idol in an idol group.

and I was like "Whoooaa!" a little girl can do that??
Thanks to Google, I was able to know C-ute, as well as the other H!P members. 

June 11, 2005, ℃-ute was formed, and their legendary story began. They started as an 8-nin group, releasing catchy indie singles, and continued as 7-nin after Megumi left. As they had their major debut, they received the "Best Newcomer Award". They continued their journey, until they became a 5-nin unit after Kanna and Erika left the group.

℃-ute is an idol group who didn't start like a BANG. hey started small, and took the steps slowly with confidence. I love the way how ℃-ute developed theirselves in these 12 years. Though, they've felt the frustration for not being the first members to be selected for Berryz Koubou, everything that happened has a meaningful reason behind it. 

I thought, by the time they became 5 members, they will be announcing their disbandment soon. Remember their first single as a 5nin "SHOCK!"? Fans had been literally SHOCKed and been calling C-ute as A-iri for quite sometime, to the fact that only Airi sang all the solo lines, and it seemed that fans are already preparing their selves for a "graduation" announcement. It's funny to think about the past, but that's how I felt too when "SHOCK!" was released. 

 Seems that the "Shock" single became an eye opener for the management to be more fair, recognize each girl's potential, and give the lines equally to the members (Thank God!). C-ute continued to work harder to improve their selves as idols, and look at them now, they've tried a lot of things during their concert tours and are recognized as great live performers, they even enjoyed going overseas, and have marked their awesomeness on every fan's heart. Instead of giving up, C-ute continued their life and became extraordinary.

They released singles that each and every fan would look forward to. They're not just sticking to one style, they've been doing a lot of genres which is so exciting. They will do something cute, then they become so cute, sing the songs with purity, then they become so pure and if they were to cool, every eye will not be able to take their eyes off from them. There's nothing C-ute can't do, once they will really do it.
and here's one of the best moments of C-ute, when their first Budoukan concert (and overseas concert) was announced. A day with pure joy and tears. It was a beautiful day for all the Team C-ute. (and it honestly makes me cry every time I watched their video announcement. It was wonderful!)
After all the challenges they've encountered, they have finally had a taste of their hard work.

When someone asked me to rank all the members of C-ute, it became the most difficult thing to do coz I love all of them. I think, with the presence of these 5 members, it becomes what C-ute is now.

Yajima Maimi, the C-ute leader. I was amazed by how she took the responsibility to become a leader when Umeda refused to become one. She's known as the Ame-onna (Rain girl), the girl who can bring the rain so strong to honor her and C-ute's presence. She has become quite a woman, with so much skills, and being so athletic. hahah. (is it rare for idols to become so athletic as Maimi?)

Oh well, people also know her as someone who rarely gets mad to anyone and to anything. How can she control her temper during her many years of existence? and someone who never felt a headache? (really?)Wait, is this really a fact, or just a rumor? Lol! 

Maimi as an idol is powerful. She does everything with her all, and shines brightly wherever she goes. She sings with so much emotion, and dance with energy. We can really see it just by watching the concerts and MVs.

At first, I see Nakky as someone as so cute. She's actually very adorable, with that smile and her voice. I actually thought that she wouldn't last long in C-ute. God I was wrong. Who would have thought that she's actually an amazing dancer? (never thought of that)

Nakky grew into a beautiful woman, but I never expected her vocals to improve as much as how it is now. She became better and better as days past. I thought her voice was just cute (and quite squeaky) for her age, but she can deliver the song that you could even forget the cuteness of her voice.

Though, she is a member that I do not give much attention to, but that doesn't mean that I disliked her or whatever, coz I love her :)

Everyone's idol, as most people say, which I totally agree. This girl is so amazing, I could actually describe her as a perfection. She does everything amazingly. When people see her for the first time, we can really say "Wow! She's so cool, she must have been very cool in everything she do". But in reality, she's not just cool, but she's also a funny, energetic, and goofy idol. I've always love watching their behind-the-scenes 'cause it shows the other side of Airi, as well as the other members.

I was expecting Airi to announce her graduation from the idol world when she entered the university, because one of the common reasons for graduations would be to focus on their studies (and it's university guys! Time to give more time for school!). But years later, it was announced that she already graduated! (she even finished her thesis first before I did mine hahaha). Airi is such a busy person, with work lining up everyday (From being an idol, a model, an actress and even a university student.), how can she even manage her time for school and work? Does she even have time to sleep?? lol

Airi as a member of C-ute sometimes frustrates me as a fan, because having her being in the center can sometimes leave the other members out of the shadows. Most specifically during the "SHOCK!" single (FYI, I'm not despising this song, haha). I am thinking of hating her, but naah~ she's too wonderful to be hated. and we can't really blame her.

I enjoy watching her perform because she does it with passion and she projects every movement beautifully. Airi is not my oshi, but I really love her, and I am looking forward with her solo career because I love listening to her singing. (but it sounded like Airi is my oshi lol)


Chisa amazed me mostly when we think of how each members progressed throughout the years. Chisa has been one of the weakest members of C-ute, but wait, when did she start becoming this amazing? Did she have this powerful voice from the start?

During the "Kanashiki Heaven", it gave me goosebumps as the Chisa-Airi duo makes a very powerful combination. Finally, after how many years, Chisa has already felt the spotlight. But I disliked the song at first coz the 3 other members were just back up dancers (and I hate the fact that some of the members of C-ute were just dancing at the back)

Chisa actually inspired me to work hard and become better. It's never too late for anything when you love what you're doing, right?
Thanks Chisa for this inspiration.

Mai-chan, my forever oshi. She has been my favorite idol from the very start of my life of being a fan. Mai started her idol life at the age of 6, and being the youngest of C-ute and H!P kids, that didn't stop her from showing her skills. She grew up as an idol, so she spent more than half of her life with performing on stage, photoshoots, and filming.

Being the youngest, she surprised me to be someone who can receive solo lines more than the other members (in their early singles). She got this unique voice that I really, really love. Have you noticed her awesome performance during Tokaikko Junjou? (She made my heart flutter, she is so adorable!) But after how many years, it worried me since she sounded like her voice became too stressed. (I mean, I know she can do a lot more better than that!)

Despite her imperfections, she is someone I really adore and I will really miss. She made me love everything about C-ute, and her presence just soothes me so much.

Now that she's leaving the entertainment world, I will miss her a lot. (We are in the same age, so I sometimes reflect myself of what I'm doing with my life, when someone has achieved a lot of things already hahaha)

C-ute has been improving their selves each day, releasing better singles every time, and albums too! It's sad to see them have their last moments as C-ute together. They have become the idols of idols, the idol group that everyone would look up to. The idols that anyone can't take their eyes off.

I don't know what to feel for their last concert, because I would surely miss them. But I am really happy that they will be able to have their dreams come true, and that is to perform in Nippon Budoukan, Yokohama Arena, and finally the Saitama Super Arena. They might be disbanding for good, but C-ute will always be C-ute no matter what.

Reaching the Dream: Tribute to C-ute
So few months ago, Chuu!Sugoi!Idol and Hello!Project fanpage started the project of "Tribute to C-ute". With Team C-ute's help and cooperation, we were able to make this beautiful tribute. In behalf of the CSI production, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all the fans who joined the tribute, and for giving time for us to express our greatest love for our beloved C-ute.

Without further ado, let me present to you "Reaching the Dream: Tribute to C-ute"!


Friday, February 3, 2017

"Reaching the Dream" Tribute to °C-ute [TRIBUTE PLAN]

Good news! We are extending the deadline for the project! So for those who was not yet able to submit your photo/video, you can still join until APRIL 13, 2017 - 23:59 JST!