Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kumai Yurina – “Kumaspo!” DVD Preview

A preview for Yurina's 1st alo-hello! PB's "making of" DVD entitled "Kumaspo" has been released.

It really gave me a pretty smile while I watched the preview. It's different from the other PB's "the making" DVD previews. It's lively, has many things to tell, and since it focused about sports, yurina can do anything about sports such as biking, swimming, jogging, and etc. Not like the other previews that the idol only pose here and there while the instrumental music is playing. Yurina looks good and fit to every cute, and unique outfit she wore in every scene, which turns the whole preview great, and unique. I love the scene where Yurina stood still in the beach while holding a beach volleyball and was against the sunset's beautiful light near the end of the preview.

The release date was just yesterday, 12/17. So, to those who haven't got a copy yet, reserve yours already, and support Yurina.

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