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Morning Musume - "Renai Hunter" PV~!!!

I just want to let you guys know that anything you will read here from now on are my opinions except some facts~ So even though it might be different from yours, please don't get all worked up~^^~ And this review/impression of "Renai Hunter" is heavily focused on Gaki-san(Pictures & gifs wise)!!!

Basic information:
Morning Musume is one of the best all female group and the lead group of the Hello! Project. Renai Hunter(Love Hunter) is the 49th Single of Morning Musume. It is set to be released on April 11, 2012. This will be Niigaki Risa's last single. The Special Regular Edition will have a solo song by Niigaki Risa, it will be a cover of a Hello! Project song(Egao ni Namida ~Thank You! Dear My Friends~) of Niigaki's choice.


Limited A

Limited B

Limited C

Limited D

Limited E (Special Graduation Edition)

Single V

Current Members are:

Niigaki Risa (Leader; Fifth Generation)

Michishige Sayumi (Sixth Generation)

Tanaka Reina (Sixth Generation)

Mitsui Aika (Eighth Generation)

Fukumura Mizuki (Ninth Generation)

Ikuta Erina (Ninth Generation)

Sayashi Riho (Ninth Generation)

Suzuki Kanon (Ninth Generation)

Iikubo Haruna (Tenth Generation)

Ishida Ayumi (Tenth Generation)

Sato Masaki (Tenth Generation)

Kudo Haruka (Tenth Generation)


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The PV is divide into 4 parts!

Dance shot:

Close-up shot with beads:

Close-up shot(Wind effect):

Magazine shot:

Love it just love it!!! Even though there are some few dance moves that we can only see from H!P's dances that make me laughs and think "Wow! that looks really embarrassing~^^~ lol"~ Especially crab like dancing! In this single, MM is doing 1 group dance, 2 groups dance, and 3 groups dance and these choreographs really fit the song~!
I am talking about this dance move~^^~

It's really cool and awesome like Tsunku said!

Actually not much to talk about since they used only few light effects, focus, zoom-in/out, background editing, and Magazine thingy~ I love magazine shots a lot!!! And wind effect using real wind machine at the studio was cool too~ Wind thing was also used it on the dace shot too!

Two of the things I love H!P more than any other singers are their unique/embarrassing dance moves and puerile/child like lyrics! And Renai Hunter has all of them~^^~!!! Before I continue I just want to say few things. I saw some people ask why Sayu use auto-tune most of the time and some people reply with something like "Because she's not a good singer" in a lot of sites. I totally disagree with people who said that Sayu is not a good singer! I don't like to tell those people about this but I think I have to. If you are not highly trained artists or people who really into musics, you can't really say who is good at singing or not unless they are really terrible. Because you might be the one of the people who thinks some singers are good at singing because they sing with self-confidence and loud voice or they just sing with the voice you like. It is true that Sayu is weak and also below average when it comes to singing. Even the Big Guy, Tsunku said and also Sayu knows this! But this only applies within H!P. When you compare Sayu's singing skill to other idols in Japan, she is average!!! And one of her major problem is that Sayu has no self-confidence when it comes to singing. If she has one quarter of self-confidence like she has in her looks, she will sing louder & better then everyone will thinks she's a good singer~! Anyway, like always Ren-chan & Riho do their stuffs which sounds awesome as always! And Sayu's auto-tune makes the song more awesome & cool~ And I just love Gaki-san's singing~♡ And other members' hooks make the song a lot cooler~^^~!

Line Distribution:
Terrible just terrible but it was expected!!! Mittsi & 9th gen members except Riho & 10 gen members didn't even get one solo line........ But like I said, it was expected~ I just hope in the next single, everyone gets fair lines and solo line~^^~ By the way, a lot of people saying that Gaki-san received most lines in this song but Gaki-san didn't focused on havily in this song not the line distribution wise!!! If you count carefully, Ren-chan is the one who received the most lines then Riho then Gaki-san then Sayu! But in solo line wise, Gaki-san received one more line than Ren-chan and then Riho is next then Sayu~!

In overall, I really love "Renai Hunter"! Even though some members only sing hooks, this is really awesome song and well made PV!!! But I still don't think Gaki-san got what she deserved... She didn't get the most lines and she only got one more solo line than Ren-chan... But thank goodness, at least dancings are havily focused on Gaki-san!

Here's some gifs:

Great dance move!

Just love it~♥

Everyone is revolving around Gaki-san~^^~


Once agian world is revolving around Gaki-san~

Lovely wink~★

So cool~!

Morning Musume daisuki!!!

Magazine gifs:













I hope you enjoyed my review/impression of "Renai Hunter"~! But it looks more like promotion posting than review/impression~^^~ lol~!!!

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Thank you for reading this~^^~!!!