Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Details about Morning Musume 9th Generation Audition

Well, this entry should be posted few days ago, but due to some work which should be done possibly soon, I'll just post this entry today, since it's totally undone.
So, there are so many surprises from H!P when I'm out for like 4 days. One of these are the details about MM 9th Generation. Well, it's been a while since we've heard about this audition, and finally, more details were released since it's already December, and it's a sign that Eri, Junjun, and Linlin will soonly be graduating.
According  to some blogs I have read, there were 9,000 applicants for this audition. It's totally great to hear that many girls have tried to audition, and maybe luckily pass then. Well, the graduation for Linlin, Junjun, and Kamei Eri will be next week already, so I think we'll find out if who will be the winners for this audition something like next week. 
I was looking for some large individual photos of the girls, but I think I only found few. They're totally cute, and tried there best to be one of the future winners. Scroll down for the images.

She's cute.
She kinda reminds me of someone.. hmmm.
So cute.. I totally like her.
Go girl!!
this girl has this cuteness that totally impress me. 
Go girl!! 
In a slight look, I kind of think about miyabi on her
She looks a little bit Yurina to me
This one looks linlin
You can do it! 
I like this one
A cute japanese girl it is.
She looks a little bit foreigner to me.
How old is she? she's cute
Dance, dance, dance..
I wonder what they're doing there
She reminds me again of someone else
Wow! what a cute girl.
Hope this one will be one of the one.

Well, those are the only photos I have found, hope I can find more photos of these wonderful girls. Hope they'll be one of the members that'll impress us all. I'm going to look forward for more updates of this audition,  and promise to update it here in my blog sooner as I get the updates.

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  1. i like 3 and 6 xD
    10 xD lol linlin 2 xD haha
    12 seems to be ok...
    18 looks like some1 who could be in AKB.. xD -.-'' xD

    20 doesnt look bad... but might have an attitude..

    16.. if i remember right.. she was funny in the video.. not ?? idk anymore xD