Saturday, November 27, 2010

S/mileage Cute photos

So, I was surfing through the Hello!Online Picboard a while ago, and found these funny cute pictures of S/mileage. They're all so cute with those funny outfits.
 First up is the cute S/mileage babies picture. Wada-chan looks not-so-like baby face. Well, I totally love how Kanon, Saki, and Yuuka looks, they really have this baby face. kanon is the best baby face in the whole group. i'll take Yuuka and Saki both second place in baby cute faces, and thirdly Wada-chan. they're totally cute.

Next stop is the old-grannies S/mileage picture. I really laugh hard looking at this picture. I can't even recognize Kanon and ayaka with those funny granny faces. Wada-chan looks like a very cute granny here. Kanon looks like a very kind and gentle cute granny, while Sakitty looks a very old grumpy cute granny. Yuuka seems to be having a worried old granny face but still cute.

These photos made my day. Enjoy guys!


  1. lol, did you know wada and ayaka is the same person? i think you mean wada ayaka, and then maeda yuuka.

  2. oops..>.<
    I'm so sorry about that. LOL! I'm so puzzled about their names.. Thanks for correcting me.. I just changed them.. what a big mistake.. whew.. Thanks anyway

  3. kannon and saki look the cutest in both pic