Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reaction to 12th Gen Audition Result

So last night, Tsunku gave us some shocking news, shocking not because no one passed the audition but because we just had the footage the other day and this came in. Has Oda Sakura set the bars so hign for MM?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Former HP Egg makes her debut!

Hashida Mirei releases her Debut Single, My Song

Kago Ai to return in Entertainment Industry!

Are you ready for her comeback?
"My natural voice is a little husky. The voice wears with age. I had voice training yesterday in a way I've never done before. I wanted to change the quality of my vocals" -Aibon

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ha Y(‘∇’ ) (yajima Maimi)

Good evening
It’s Maimi
It was rea~lly hot today, wasn’t it
The sound of the cicadas from outside when I was in the entryway leaving the house was incredible(゜o゜)/
I attached a picture of a sunflower in my update the other day…

When I passed by that sunflower today, I was surprised\(◎o◎)/
It has become a lot taller than before
It had become so tall that it could no longer support its own head, so someone had tied it to a fence
It’s true that sunflowers grow facing the sun
It grew this much in this short period of time
It’s living with all its might this summer
Today I had a recording for the FM-PORT radio program
“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeMaimi~”
Thank you for sending in many letters today too
When I listen to the stories of everyone’s memories, even though they’re not my own experiences, I can imagine the scene in my head…
Strangely, I start to feel sentimental
I wonder if I start to feel sentimental because it’s reminiscent talk
This is something I happened to talk about with Nacky earlier,
but it seems there’s a lot of people who start to feel sentimental at dusk…
But I can’t sympathize with that
Nacky said “Eh~Σ( ̄□ ̄)! Why((○(>_<)○))”,
but I think “Whoa~~ It feels good… It’s warm The setting sun is beautiful“, but I’m filled with a lot of happiness and become spellbound(*´-`)
But I get sentimental when the autumn sun is setting…
That fact that how a person feels differs because each person is interesting
Changing the subject
Today is Morning Musume member Suzuki Kanon-chan’s birthday
Right now we’re in the midst of the Hello! Project concerts,
and when Zukki was in front of me yesterday,
I tried calling out “Zukki
“What is it(=⌒ー⌒=)” she responded,
so I joked “Hm?(  ̄▽ ̄) I just wanted to try saying it

And then, she got her revenge( ; ゜Д゜)lol
Zukki called out “Yajima-sa~n“,
and when I answered “Wha~t’s up(^ー^)”,
she said “I just wanted to try saying itヽ(゜▽゜)ノ”…

That kind of backstage interaction can only happen at the Hello! Project concerts
At any rate, Yaji loves Zukki’s friendly smile(〃▽〃)
Whenever I see that smile, I feel relieved…
She’s the type of person who I’d want to become friends with if we went to school together
I hope she’s able to keep that smile this year as well…
Happy birthday
And then, I have a happy announcement
《Cutie Sightseeing Hawaii Tour volume 3》 has been decided
There will be a special page for it on the Hello! Project official fan club website tomorrow, so please be sure to check it out
The 2 times we’ve gone in the past have been really fun…
I have unforgettable memories
When I think that I’ll be able to go to Hawaii with everyone in team ℃-ute again, I become so excited
Doesn’t my excitement show in today’s blog title f(^_^)
There will be commemorative photos with the members (and the picture will be signed by the members too)
There will also be a talk event
Please be sure to make fun memories with ℃-ute in Hawaii

(A picture from the photoshoot for “BIG ONE GIRLS”,
which goes on sale August 28th)
In addition
The music groups born from the SATOUMI movement are currently performing at the Hello! Project concert,
and “Lady Mermaid”
by “Dialady”,
the group that Airi participates in,
“Eyasa! Brother”
by “Mellowquad”,
the group that myself and Chisato participate in,
and “Kaigan Seisou Danshi”
by “HI-FIN”,
the group that Nacky and Mai participate in,
will be released on CD&DVD on August 7th
They’re all perfect songs for summer, so please be sure to check it out, everyone
Well then, until tomorrow’s update~