Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MyMeLyricist Blog just reached 2,000 views

Whoa! Wait! MyMeLyricist blog just reached the 2,000 views??? YAY!!!! *round of applause*
So, I checked the blog's stats of views earlier today, and that gave me a big smile. MyMeLyricist blog just reached the 2000 views. Well, I didn't manage to celebrate this one because I still have to go to school. So, I'll make this celebration wonderfully.

I didn't expect that MyMeLyricist will come this far. It reached 2000 views for only 2 months and 6 days. I'm so speechless but thank you very much for supporting MyMeLyricist. I was expecting that I'll reach 2000 next year, but I think it is a wonderful early Christmas present. Thank you so much.
So, to celebrate, I'll show you some behind the scenes images of this blog, screenshots and many more.

Thank You Again for Supporting MyMeLyricist blog!

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