Monday, May 30, 2011

S/mileage New Member Audition !


Yes, just like as you read the title. S/mileage is indeed in search of new member (s) !!!

The ever-genki, latest group of Hello!Project, S/mileage, unexpectedly announced new member audition in their First Anniversary Special live.

The audition was announced on 5/29 on S/milage's official website, as well as Tsunku's twitter account.

From H!O:
Tsunku posted to his official twitter, saying
"From the very beginning I stated that the number of members was not fixed.
I'm just now putting that into practice. Sorry to trouble you."

Applicants must be middle or high school girls, or girls within that age range.
The first round of interviews will be held June 4th at TKP Shibuya Conference Center in Tokyo and will continue throughout the month. The website states that auditioners will be able to participate in Morning Musume's 10th generation audition as well, but will only be able to enter one group should they happen to pass both.

Upon S/mileage's debut, there was much uncertainty as to whether all four girls would make it into the group - now there only remains to see how many new members will be added!

EHHH~? What the heck Tsunku is having on his mind?
Auditions are quite good publicity, I guess S/mileage not dropping in sales?
or just like Morning Musume? Momusu had been a great group that Tsunku wants to preserve it and so auditions for new gens were born..?
Really confusing.. really. We don't know...

Anyways, they got youtube message for you

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Michishige Sayumi's Touching Gift from a Young Fan!

Morning Musume member Michishige Sayumi updated her official blog, showing fans a precious gift from a young fan.“A kid who’s related to me sent me a picture they’d drawn saying, ‘To Sayu-chan!’”, she wrote, alongside pictures of her gift. “I don’t know what they drew, and I’m not sure why this picture is so special to me, but… I’m so happy (; _ ;) Thank you ♪ Children are great ♪”.Fans were touched by Michishige’s blog entry, commenting, “I’m glad it made you feel that way,” “What a nice story~”, and “I really have no idea what they drew, but that’s nice (lol).”
It's nice to see Sayu treasure this special gift. We may not know what they really draw, but I can see the effort and love from the young fan to Sayu. 


New Poll Opened! Choose Your Favorite Latest Single~!

I opened up a new poll which will be for a week only. This will be "What's your Favorite Latest single?"
You can select multiple answers. 
the choices are:
  1. Only you (morning musume)
  2. Ai no Dangan (berryz koubou)
  3. Momoiro Sparkling(c-ute)
  4. Koi no Booing Buu! (S/mileage)
  5. My Days for You (Mano Erina)
The winner will be the group of the week! So, choose your fave now!
The poll will close at exactly 23:59 this coming 6/3/11

Friday, May 27, 2011

℃-ute on @Motteco

℃-ute revealing their thoughts about their new single "Momoiro Sparkling" in a online, digital [Japanese] magazine, @Motteco.
Visit the @Motteco for images and original text. Click the bottom corners of the image to browse through the pages.

Happy 1st Anniversary to S/mileage!

S/mileage celebrated their first anniversary since their major debut!
“As of today, it’s been a year since S/mileage made their major label debut \(^_^)/” wrote Maeda in her blog entry. “It feels like so long… but so short… Really, thank you so much! In year two, we’re gonna try our best to show you a powered-up version of S/mileage!”
Their major debut single "Yume Miru Fifteen" was released last year on March 6th. I never thought that it's a year already, since their major debut. It's so fast, as Yuuka commented. They are developing their talent more. I'm glad that they reached this far, and hopefully, they'll be in the next couple of years. It would be great to see them sing many interesting songs that suits them most.
Congratulations Again
to S/mileage

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yasuda Kei Expresses Her Happiness for the Newly-wed Yaguchi Mari

Ex-morning musume member Yasuda Kei congratulated Yaguchi Mari for her marriage with actor Nakamura Masaya.

Two days after the wedding, Yasuda expressed her best wishes to the newly wed couple through her official amoeba blog. She said "I'm so happy that I feel like crying",Yasuda and Yaguchi were both selected for the second gen audition and was said to be very close to each other and I can see that she's quite sincere with her words.

Yasuda revealed that the above picture was taken before Yaguchi changed her last name to Nakamura. This is her last two-shots with Yaguchi, who is now Nakamura Mari. "Though truthfully, I feel a little bit lonely too and Masaya-kun, I wish you happiness" she said.

Indeed, friendship is something that doesn't have "graduations".


Berryz Koubou's "Ai no Dangan" MV

Berryz Koubou's "Ai no Dangan" full MV was uploaded in their Berryz Channel three days ago.

I heard someone saying it is boring.. but I honestly think it is AWESOME.

The girls are looking good, and undeniably sexy with those those tight red outfits (not to mention the smoking dance steps). Special awards goes to Maasa for being gorgeous, Captain for being sooo cool and Risako for whoring up again (as usual). To be true, I'm gettin' tired of Risako acting like that all the time when there are people who can be sexy without pulling out much effort like Miyabi. (whooa~ ok. i'll stop there)
The MV itself was cool, those huge LED screens did much of the tricks. I like the idea of girls seemingly stepping out of it, and using it as background at some shots. The dark contrast of the whole set worked well with the lights, the shadows it casts upon the girls added to their appeal.
The song was again, well-written by our ever beloved Tsunku-san. Cheers for Captain and Momoko's high notes, those falsettos were executed well! I'm glad to have the lines distributed to everybody. Though there are "lead singers", at least, those underrated members gets a piece of the song.

So, all in all.. as I said earlier, it is AWESOME.

Ai no Dangan single will be released on June 8. Please don't forget to support Berryz Koubou by grabbing your own copy!

Morning Musume "Only You" PV!

The PV for Morning Musume's upcoming single "Only You" is now released!
I really, really, really love this one. It's so addictive; the beat, the music, the expressions, the scenes, and everything. Many different settings of different scenes are in. Such as the 2 settings of dance shot, a solo shots for each of the member in front of a white crystalic background, and more.
The choreography is not that simple, it dance together with the lovely beat along with their expressions. I like the scene where they're sitting in the middle of a room surrounded with a red curtain.

Another thing, I love the way Gaki express her lines as she sang it, it gave me goose bumps, so attractive. Eripon has made her expressions more attractive which is kind of great. Zukki's working on it, but I rather see her smiling more. Sayumi's unexplainable for me. Ai-chan and Reina are the leads, so I can't really talk about it more..
Anyway, don't forget to reserve you copies for this single.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Morning Musume at Music Station Campaign

I was reading blogs when I bumped into this article : LINK

And so I made a decision to help out on this one since I know that this could help MM promote their newest single "Only You"

As much as I am aware of it, Music Station is a well-known music show in Japan and most of their guests are the TOP artists in Japan. Guestings here are invitations only which makes it more respectable. Not to mention, Music Station has also recently received its international television premiere in Asia on March 2007. Get the point? Having MM to perfrom here could boost their popularity and sales!

So how do we make it possible?

1. Go to Music Station's website :
2. You will be brought to this page

The first box which has ニックネーム means "nickname", you can write it in romaji
The second box is for gender, left is male and right is female
Third one asks for your Japanese prefecture, if you're not from Japan, you might as well click any or if you like you can choose tokyo (東京)
Fourth box is age range, just click the one that is closer to your age.
And the last box is for your request, if you can understand/ write in japanese you may write on your own but if you can't just copy-paste this モーニング娘。46枚目のニューシングル「ONLY YOU」お願いします!!ぜひ、彼女たちに出番させてください!

Note: the site does not allow right click so when pasting you may just press Ctrl+V

3. Click that grey button below and you'll be directed to this page:

4. Confirm your request
Click the left はい ("yes") button and you're done!

Should Ogawa Saki go on a salad diet?

S/mileage Ogawa Saki says she has gained some weighed and so she announced in her blog that she would be going on a "salad diet" to help her reduce few pounds.

In her blog she wrote:
"Since I’ve gained a little weight recently, I think I’ll go on a salad diet,” she wrote in her blog entry. “I wanna try eating nothing but salad! …I’ll do my best!"

Fans reacted about her plans on reducing some weight. Here are some comments given by the fans:

“Somehow I don’t think you’d look much different if you went on a diet,” “Saki-chan, you don’t need to diet… You’re skinny enough~”, and “If you’re going to diet after all, eating only one kind of food isn’t good.”

So what's your opinion about this one?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yaguchi Mari marries Nakamura Masaya~!

On May 22nd, former Morning Musume member and talento Yaguchi Mari married actor Nakamura Masaya!
The couple reported their marriage in a press conference the same afternoon, where Nakamura revealed, “We registered our marriage together late last night.”
Yaguchi told the press she’s yet to introduce her husband to fellow Morning Musume members. She praised Nakamura during the conference, saying, “I’m sure they’ll say (he’s) handsome. Usually he’s wild but today he’s very fresh. He’s the most handsome today.
According to a source, the couple met through a common acquaintance early last year. Nakamura proposed to Yaguchi this January by presenting a diamond engagement ring to her and saying, “(I will) protect (you) for the rest of my life.” Yaguchi is not pregnant, and will continue working in the future.
Nakmura stated at the conference, “I might make her cry because I’m poor, but I won’t make her cry by cheating. I want to protect her with all my power and make a happy family.
The couple has a height difference of 47 cm, and Yaguchi looked up at her husband next to her as she remarked, “I am happy to receive everyone’s warm encouragement. I knew I would be able to live without ever running out of laughter with this person.
When asked by the press about where they wanted to go as a married couple, she replied, “We’ve made a promise to go to the affected areas of the Tohoku earthquake soon."

I'm so happy for  Yaguchan, since she's one of my favorite idols.
They both look so cute together.
to the
newlywed couple! :)


Newest Hello!Pro Time Episode!

In this week’s episode, we’re treated to a triple feature of C-ute! The show starts off with Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai waiting for Okai Chisato, who they say is always late. The girls show off their clothes and then head to a pet shop where they play with adorable puppies. The show then cuts to member Yajima Maimi, at the rehearsal for her stage play, “Ran”, and we get to see her practice a scene in which she plays four different characters at once.We also get to see Suzuki Airi studying diligently between recordings for her English midterm. She shows off her handwriting, gives the viewers a cute English quiz, and makes several bad puns.
This episode made me laugh so much, that I can't hardly breath. The trio entering the haunted house until the end made me laugh. Airi making some puns just made my day. Maimi's so cool, she can do anything, she can act amazingly.
Nearly at the end part of the episode, we get to see the footage of the announcement for the 10th generation members of Momusu. Including the comments of the kyuukies.

Sayashi Riho: “When I saw Tsunku’s face on the screen, I thought it must be a very important announcement. I thought, ‘There’s no way he’s announcing the 10th gen audition, right?’ It made me feel like I have to keep trying harder and harder.”Fukumura Mizuki: “I was so surprised I couldn’t say anything. ‘Even though it’s only been a few months since we joined, they’re already joining?’ is what I thought. I feel like ‘I don’t want to lose to them.’”Suzuki Kanon: “I can’t think about anything right now! I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. I’ll do my best too so I don’t become a useless 9th gen member.”Ikuta Erina: If 10th gen members join, I think there’ll be more people from different regions, and from the city as well, so I want to teach those juniors Hakata dialect too. 
It seems that the newly joined members got the same thought. The soon-to-graduate Takahashi Ai said some wise words for the future Morning Musume.
“Honestly… I thought ‘It’s so soon!’ I want it to be a Morning Musume that no one can imagine. Like, I want them to become a monster that no one can lose to.”
I don't really understand what Ai-chan's saying, wanting morning musume to become a monster so that no one can defeat them or something.  I think she wants MM to be more extraordinary and more unique.
The episode ended with the trio saying some last words, and made us laugh until the very end.

Tokyohive Article Watch it in this link!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Morning Musume 10th Generation Members Audition Announced!

The auditions for Momusu's 10th generation members has been announced!
The submission will be taken until June 13.
I'm totally surprised about this news, since the kyuukies just debuted few months ago. I'm also excited about this since the 9th gen will be senpais afterwards. It is said that the applicants should be between the age of 10-17 years old. Well, there's a girl who I want to be part of Momusu family, too bad she's 'till 9 years old. Anyway, they're looking for girls who has this positive personality, and has the full confidence.
I'm so excited about this, and will be looking forward to it. It's like the old Momusu days is getting back(in a good different way). To those who are planning to apply, don't forget to send your applications before or until June 13. Goodluck and GO MORNING MUSUME!

Credits and Sources:
TokyoHive Article
Morning Musume Official Site
MM Audition Site

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello!Pro News!

It's been really a while since I updated this site. The internet connection's broken few days ago, and was finally fixed yesterday. I missed many updates and news about H!P, and I want to put them all in a single entry. First off is C-ute, then Morning Musume, S/mileage, Bouno!, Berryz Koubou and other more. 

Read them all below!