Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Life Outside HP : Niigaki Risa's New Movie

Gaki will star in "Tobidase Shinsengumi" in theaters this coming Spring of 2013. A press conference was held at the City Hall of Fujisawa, Kanagawa. Although it's still happening next year, we all know how Gaki desires to expand her acting career after her graduation.

Takahashi Ai in Anne of Green Gables Musical

Ai-chan gets to be in a musical called "Anne of Green Gables" and honestly, I have no idea what the story is about. But I've heard Ai-chan won't be playing this Anne girl and she'll play as Anne's friend. But nevertheless, it's great to see Ai-chan pursuing her broadway career after her life in Morning Musume and in Hello! Project though I would prefer to see her in dramas and in movies.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Buono to perform in Budokan for Sashihara Rino's Idol Festival

Our dear Buono is going to perform in Budokan for the idol festival. They will perform with AKB48's Sashihara Rino on June 25, 2012. This is a great news to all HP and AKB48 lover to see their idols collaborate together =). I'm not really an avid AKB48 follower and I wouldn't call myself a fan, but wouldn't it be great to see HP and AKB48 do a concert together?

For more info, you may visit  HP's official page


Give way to Ayumi ♥

This photo had been going around in my news feed so I can't help but post it here..LOL

My favorite 10th gen!!!! Ugghh.. The anticipation for MM's 50th single is killing me and Sayu has just blogged that they finished filming the MV. I wanna see the finish product so badly right now..

Yahoo Japan thinks otherwise, C-ute LEADS

Remember when Oricon held a poll about the "Most Anticipated Female Idol Group"? Well, Yahoo Japan made it's own poll too....and Yeah, I'm really glad with the results since I wasn't so happy to see C-ute at 10th place in the Oricon Poll. This time, C-ute manages to grab first place although it was a really close fight with Passpo.

With a total of 69893 votes, C-ute has 16,269 votes in their favor with Passpo having 15,392. On the other hand, Berryz manages to place 3rd with Idoling!!! at 4th and Momoiro Clover Z at 5th place. It's surprising since Momoclo ranked 1st in the Oricon poll and during the first few days of this poll, they were on the lead with C-ute and Passpo eventually taking over No. 1 spot from time to time.

So congratulations to my favorite HP group~ They deserve to be recognized!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

This is What I've Been Waiting for to SEE! (Riho&Daishi Dance Collaboration)

So, I just got excited to blog about this one, and it is totally amazing!
Maybe there are already some videos where Riho and Daishi danced together, but I had never seen one until now..
It was shown in a TV show, where (I think) Riho and Daishi volunteered to dance. They listened to the music they're going to use, and planned out what they're going to dance..
I can barely breath while watching them dance, they're just awesome.. This collaboration is an epic!
I hope they'll do this more often during concerts and such..
It's gonna be a moment for fans to remember.. :)
I would love to see more performances of these two amazing dancers.. EXCITED!!
I just found a new video, but it features the 2 dancers of Fairies at the beginning.. You can watch it, or skip it..
A little comment about the performance of the dancers from the different groups..
Fairies did some powerful dancing, but I think with no teamwork, or something..
While Riho and Daishi really planned it out.. Which is a good one, because we love to see them dancing together. It is more like a collaboration, not a showdown.. 
Well, I can't really judge Fairies, since I don't really know them.. 
What do you guys think?

Thanks to Dojakojiro for uploading the video!

Happy 2 years S/mileage

2 years have brought alot of changes to S/mileage already but despite that let's continue to support them!

I'm Loving the NEW MoMusu ♥

I like the new look of Morning Musume alot and I'm super duper glad that they're just getting better (skip the pyoko pyoko chicken period) singles after singles since "Only you". And with the release of their photos for their 50th single specifically for "One.Two.Three" it was just so stunning, they all look so fresh, "hot" and cute all at the same time. It's like the whole new Momusu was incorporated into this concept.

I've seen their first live performance with Sayu as their leader, performing their 50th single. So my INITIAL reaction/ comments to them is that they all look great. I really liked the song, despite that the spotlight is given to Reina and Riho, it's not that surprising and really, I don't have any problems with that personally. The new gens still need time to fully stabilize their vocal abilities and as for Sayu.......well..... she's doing better =). When I heard the title for their 50th single, the first thing that came into my mind was "Britney Spears" for "One.Two.Three" so I kinda expected a pop-dance type of song and yes, it did not disappoint me! As for their "Manterou Show", it reminded me of Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper" and I'm not really sure what to expect but hopefully, it would be something awesome. (Hey, don't bash on me for mentioning these people, I'm not comparing them, just stating what popped up first on my mind ^_^) I can't really make an official comment on it yet since it was just a raw video, but the dance is pretty cool, I think and I just can't wait for the whole thing to wrap up and infects the online community.

I'm loving Reina, Riho, Ayumi, Eripon and now............Haruna!!! She looks gorgeous in their photo!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yaguchi Mari Wedding Reception After a Year

Seriously, what took it so long?  After a year???? Is it a culture thing or just their own personal preference?
It's kinda sweet though~ hahahah! 
Sayumi was the one who introduces the guest in this banquet, and she revealed in her blog that she was really nervous since this was the first time she's given an important role.
I wanted to post more pics but I couldn't save the photos.

You can view more pics HERE

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Berryz Kobou AnimeNEXT Event Guide

If you're attending the event, you may want to check the details below, Jhouserock has updated the details of the event.

So here's the Schedule from their site:

Berryz Kobo – AnimeNEXT Schedule
FRIDAY: June 8th

3pm - Opening Ceremony
The members of Berryz Kobo will be at the opening ceremony event. This will be your first chance to see the full group in person.

3:30pm - Booth Appearance
Berryz Kobo will stop by their merchandise booth (A6 & A7) for a quick pre-concert appearance. They will also sign the booth's display banner which we will raffle off on Saturday. (details on how to win it below)

7pm-8:30pm - Concert
Berryz Kobo takes the main events stage for their AnimeNEXT concert. Doors open at 6:30pm and the concert is FREE with your convention badge.
Premium Admission:
We are also offering a special premium admission pass to allow the holder front of the line access into the concert before general admission. Besides going into the concert first you will get a special badge and lanyard gift. Premium pass also includes an entry into our backstage raffle drawing where you get to meet the group after the concert. More information below

Premium Admission: $30 each - SOLD OUT
Please limit your order to 4 tickets per transaction.

Premium Passes are SOLD OUT.
A confirmation email will be sent out next week. If you do not receive your confirmation email by next Friday please contact us as some users had errors with PayPal. Allow 24 hours for your PayPal account to update and show the order. As long as it is on PayPal then your order is complete. Thank you for supporting Berryz-Kobo.

8:45pm - Backstage Winners Meet & Greet
Win a backstage pass to meet Berryz Kobo after their concert. This will be a raffle style drawing and only those with a Premium Pass will be entered to win a chance to go backstage. Each premium pass you buy will enter you into the backstage drawing. Winners will be announced and contacted before AnimeNEXT starts. 

SATURDAY: June 9th

3:15-4:15pm - Q & A Session
Stop by the main event room to learn all about the talented ladies of Berryz Kobo in this fan Q&A session. Ask them a question or just stop by to show your support.

4:30-5:30pm - Autograph Session
Get your Berryz Kobo items autographed by the group. Only official Hello! Project CDs and goods will be signed. There will be plenty of merchandise available at their booth throughout the convention. Those that purchase $40 or more* will get a special wristband which give you priority during the autograph session. One item will be autographed at a time. If you want a 2nd item signed you must get back in line to do so. The autograph area is right next to the main events room.
*$40 or more within the same purchase. Multiple purchases cannot be combined.

5:45pm - Berryz Kobo Banner Giveaway
Join us back at the booth as we announce the winner of the signed banner giveaway. To enter into the raffle all you have to do is purchase Berryz Kobo items at the booth. Every $20 you spend on merchandise will earn you a raffle entry into the drawing.

*No video or audio recording equipment permitted*
*Times and events are subject to change*

Premium Admission Passes: with premium admission, ticket holders get front of the line access into the concert. You will be up front near the stage before general admission no line waiting needed. You will still need a convention pass to attend the concert even if you purchase a premium admission pass. Tickets will not be shipped. You can pick up your pass during the convention at the Jpophouse/JHRE booth. Only a limited number or tickets will be sold. Ticket holders will enter the venue in the order in which they purchased tickets.

Jhouserock official site

Up Up Girls to release 3rd Single

 S/mileage staff tweeted that they will be releasing their 3rd single this coming June 30!
I have not really followed their releases nor the group itself but this girls sure are moving fast... Didn't they just had their 2nd single?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Thailand! Get Ready for Berryz Kobou "Japan Festa 2012"

Berryz has been chosen to attend Japan Festa 2012 in Bangkok this coming August 25 and 26, 2012... It's still a few months away but Im sure fans from Thailand are excited. But someone told me that only 1 member will come on the event, I tried to check their FB page but I couldn't understand what was written on the details so I really don't know who exactly is going to come. But I'm happy that Berryz are getting more popular outside Japan, it's a good opportunity for them to promote themselves and increase their international fanbase. Again, when is C-ute getting out of Japan????

I'm OFFICIALLY inviting HP Groups to come and visit my country too (Philippines)!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Jersey!! Get Ready for the Coming of Berryz Kobou!

Okay, before we all forget and get lost in the road of life, last November, Berryz made an announcement that they will make an appearance at the AnimeNEXT in June 2012. The idol group will appear and perform at the anime convention, which runs from June 8th to the 10th in 2012. The event will be held at Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, New Jersey.

It's great to see Berryz overseas again, I think this is their second time to perform in the US. So if your living near the place where the event will be held, this is a great oppurtunity for you to see your favorite Berryz member!

Second time for Berryz to do a show in US and Buono already performed in Paris...So when is C-ute's oppurtunity to perform overseas? You know, you're always welcome in the Philippines!!!! ♥

Kikkawa Yu's 4th Single produced by Vocaloid Producer!

Koko Kara Hajimaru n da!is Kikkawa Yu's 4th single and is set to release on July 11th! She sure is really busy, she plans to participate in 2 consecutive theater performances namely "Kawaiku Nakuccha Ikenai Riyuu” and “The Best House 1 2 3 on Stage!!!”this coming June. Also she will be the image character in their CM for sushi restaurant "Kappa Zushi".

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I just can't move on....for now!

I don't know why but I kinda feel down after this whole graduation ceremony was over, especially towards Gaki! And the fact that I wasn't around last night (online) during the graduation time where the whole MM wota netizens are going nuts about Gaki and Aika graduating just made my feelings worst! And to be perfectly honest, I feel heavier towards Gaki's departure compared to Ai-chan's. Maybe it's because I haven't truly appreciated Gaki back in those old days where I got into Morning Musume since she was being overshadowed by Ai-chan and Reina in their singles but that's my observation but during the 9th gens addition that was when I realized Gaki's importance in the group. As for Aika, I won't lie, I don't feel so much sadness or feelings of loss towards her and maybe the only thing that I feel for her is pity, let's face it, she wasn't given the spotlight she might have deserve after all those years she have served Morning Musume until she graduates, she even have to share the same graduation day as Gaki without any send offs like a PB, DVD or a solo/cover song. So this is why I don't really mind if she's still part of the 50th single of MM.

S/mileage Performs for Galaxy Note Studio

S/mileage and Samsung are two things that I love so today (May 19th), S/mileage made an appearance at a promotional event for Samsung's smart phone "Galaxy Note SC-05D". The said event was called Galaxy Note Studio and was held at Shinjuku Station. The girls sang 4 songs and for their last song, they took off their tops, revealing their polka dot bikini and performed their latest single "Dot Bikini".

Apart from S/mileage, manga artist, Sakurazawa Erika also attended the event. She also drew a portrait of Wada Ayaka using the smart phone. This is so cool ♥

The members of S/mileage were asked what they would like to draw with the smart phone. Fukuda Kanon replied, “I want to write comments with my own handwriting on my blog,” and Tamura Meimi said, “It’s almost Nakanishi Kana-chan’s birthday, so I want to write a message to her.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Momusu 11th Gen Audition?!?! YES or NOO?

So, Mittsi and Gaki just graduated today, and made Sayu as leader, and now, 11th audtition was announced which is expected to some, and shocking to the other fans.
For some reasons, I really waited that the audition will be finally announced, since I know that it's the time when Cuca can now finally try out Morning Musume audition!!!!
Look at her in this photo, so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!
I'm so excited to see her during this coming audition, I'll be really rooting for her!
and to know new idols who Tsunku think fits in the Morning Musume group..
Fans also expected to see Miyamoto Karin. Well, I don't really follow her or something, since I'm not focusing in H!P eggs.. 
What do you expect for the new gen? =)

Photo Source: Cuca Blog

We will Miss You Gaki and Mittsi!

So, Gaki and Mittsi already graduated today, so here is a special post dedicated for both of them..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

JunJun and LinLin will reunite @ "Up Young"

Do you miss Junjun and Linlin? Well guess what? They will appear together at an event called "Up Young".

Morning Musume's 50th Single? Wait.. Aika still in it?

Found this one in an HP forum, saying that Morning Musume's 50th single will be a double A side. The first title is yet to be announced while the second song will be "Manteru Show".... (Manteru= Skyscraper)~ Although there are no official announcement yet from the UFA/HP sites.

Reminder for Gaki's Tribute~!

So, few more days to go until Gaki's graduation day.
So, a little reminder to those who haven't sent their photos yet..
Since I thought of setting the deadline more earlier because of my busy schedule..
I was hoping that this project will be as successful as Saki, Yuuka, and Ai-chan's tributes before..
So, don't forget to send yours!

Happy Mother's Day~

Noa and Seia watching their mom (Tsuji) on TV~

Happy mother's day to former HP members who are now a proud MAMA
 Iida Kaori
 Tsuji Nozomi
 Aya Ishiguro
Fujimoto Miki
Ai Kago
 Ichii Sayaka

Sorry, I'm not that familiar with the graduated members of Morning Musume Did I miss out someone?

Happy Mother's day to your mom too.. Enjoy this day with the person who gave us life~
Mother's love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Should I call them "Evening Sochi?"~ They should do a showdown w/ MM

Okay, found this on my newsfeed... and I think it's pretty cool =)
Give way to Evening Sochi... LOL

AKB48's Haruna Kojima doing Sayu's Usa-chan Peace!

Aki-P did it..
Now, Haruna...
Who's next in AKB48 to do the usa-chan peace? =)

Hello Project "Death Stare"

 Just some random HP "Death Stare" =)

So this is what happens when gaki leaves Morning Musume?

Reina: I'm gonna be leader next!
Sayu: NO way! I'm leader next!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aki-P doing Sayu's Usa-chan Peace

The title says it all =)

Maybe he could do momoko's yorushite-nyan too? 
 And why not participate on our tribute plan for Gaki's graduation and do the "Mayuge Beam"?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SUSPENSE: Morning Musume's leaders Line Up

Tsunku probably wants to officially announce it on the Gaki's graduation.
If it's base on tradition, then it's obviously Sayu so what's up with the suspense?
Tsunku has alot of crazy ideas lately, so we'll never know what's on his mind right now.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tsunku's NEW IDOL GROUP! Guess who?

Remember when Tsunku opened an idol cafe where the employees are normal girls who wish to be turned into full-pledge idols, their costumers will serve as their producers and points will be used to support their favorite girl! Well, it seems that the day has finally come (not exactly), actually, they will debut this August but atleast we get an announcement a.k.a a confirmation that there will be a new idol group that would knock on our doors. I don't know if this will be an addition in the Hello Project family or in UFA since the Tsunku collaborated with producers from Steins;Gate, who are behind Maid Cafe Idol's Afilia Saga East! The idol group will be known as "Bakusute Sotokanda Icchoume"!

Takahashi Ai's NEW DRAMA~

Ai-chan finally lands her firs ever regular role ever since she graduated in Morning Musume and HP! NHK's drama entitled "Taira no Kiyomori" starring Matsuyama Kenichi as the main character , Kiyomori.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I didn't know Tsunku♂ has a gravure idol O.o

So this girl is named Tokki, who is supposed to be a gravure idol member produced by Tsunku from NICE GIRL Project, I've heard of that NGP before but I haven't really paid much attention to them. I thought they were just like Hello Project but less popular, I never thought it's a gravure idol O.o... or maybe she's just the only gravure idol on NGP? I don't know...I'm not really into gravure idols, I don't really like those stuffs, it's kind of awkward in my eyes LOL

The photo above was from her DVD release event where she appeared to be in  bathing suit and stated with a smile It is my first time wearing a bathing suit at an event. How is it? This (the DVD) is the first time I adopted Japanese tastes. Please enjoy ‘Japanese-style Tokki‘.”

Oricon : Most Anticipated Female Idol Group; S/mileage beats its Seniors

 Oricon conducted a poll about the "Most anticipated Female Idol Group" excluding those who already achieved No. 1 in Oricon charts, so that's an out for Morning Musume, Perfume and AKB48 plus the other 48s  for this category, since such groups had already snatched No. 1 spotssss several times. And so the other groups are given the chance.

Oriocon only ranked the Top 10 and 3 HP groups manage to grab a place in the top 10.

Youngest group in HP, S/mileage manages to rank higher than their more senior groups like Berryz Kobou and C-ute. I didn't totally expect them to rank higher than C-ute but judging from the way S/mileage is right now, they have better promotions compared to the 2 groups and they really are selling well right now. So congratulations to S/mileage for ranking 5th!

See? Vampire charm do works~ Fangs♥

Berryz manages to place 8th. Berryz has been around for quite some time, hopefully they could have their No. 1 for weekly single or album ranking =)

I'm happy with C-ute's latest achievement with regards to their new highest selling single~ 3rd place for "Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku" isn't that bad. Hopefully, their next single will give them their No. 1 in weekly chart! C-ute actually ranked 10th, and I'm a little bit disappointed since I was expecting them to rank higher than that, but maybe that's just me being biased since I'm more of a C-ute fan than any other group in HP.

Seriously??? We can do better than 10th!

 Moreover, the group that ranked first place is 5-member idol group Momoiro Clover Z. I'm not familiar with the group, though I've seen them in some guestings from time to time, so I don't really have much to say about them but Congratulations =)

Here's the ranking's result

1. Momoiro Clover Z
2. Nogizaka46 <<<< I thought they already had no. 1 with their latest single???
3. Fairies <<<< Yay, I'm actually liking this group, I love Beat Generation ♥
4. Idoling!!!
5. S/mileage
6. HKT48
8. Berryz Koubou
9. 9nine
10. C-ute

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sayumi's Drama "Kare wa, Imouto no Koibito" to be released on DVD

If you still remember Sayu's cellphone drama, where she played as the "evil sister" it is set to be released on DVD. So it's a great chance for fans, who wasn't able to follow the drama series, to purchase and enjoy the episodes....or to those who are just looking forward to see this scene? XD *kidding*

I have only watched the first episode of this drama way back last december, which was uploaded in BeeTV's YT channel, and I'm not sure if they uploaded the second episode, since I haven't really seen it on their channel. But none the less, it is an interesting drama though Sayu isn't exactly the protagonist on this series and the guy isn't really that cute to be honest...LOL

The DVD will be released on 5/12.
So please look forward to the DVD

Another Musume Graduates, Mitsui Aika

I wasn't so surprised with this announcement, considering she has been missing in some few activities which requires too much foot work. With this, Mitsui Aika finally decides to graduate in Morning Musume, though I didn't expect the announcement to be so sudden. But we all couldn't blame Aika if she finally decides to let go, since it is her physical well-being which is at stake.

According to her blog, the main reason she decides to graduate was because of her foot injury although she said that she has fully recovered, there is a high chances of it to reoccur due to strenuous activities.

I'm not actually a big Aika fan, and to be honest, I've taken too little notice of  her since she doesn't really stand out to me but I don't exactly know what to feel about this and my thoughts just fly to the remaining MM members. Gaki will be leaving and now Aika, the remaining seniors would be Reina and Sayu and eventually, both will have to graduate too but hopefully *cross my fingers* not yet, maybe a couple more years? Cause in my opinion, the new gens aren't that stable yet..but that's just purely my personal observation.

Aika, on the otherhand, I wish her full recovery and I mean FULL without the risk of having it to reoccur again =). I hope she enjoyed being a MoMusu and enjoy her remaining days as one. All I could say to her is "Break a Leg" (not literally), in theaters that means "GOODLUCK"....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Morning Musume ACTION FIGURES!!!

Woah~ These are really cute!!! Who wants to buy?
but honestly, I don't know where to get one O.o..