Monday, March 28, 2011

Up-Front Agency Artists Write Messages to Earthquake Victims

Up-Front Agency has just created a page with inspiring messages from those under their management. Check out the messages from some of UFA’s female talents, idols, and groups below!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

C-ute's 6th Album "Chou Wonderful!6" Profile Pictures

C-ute's 6th album "Chou Wonderful!6" profile pictures has been updated to the Hello!Project website.

C-ute's outfits has been shining recently, isn't it? Dance de Bakoon's outfits, Kiss Me Aishiteru, (we can include Bye!Bye!Bye! also), the Shocking5, and now in this album. It really suits in the C-ute's shining image. Their hairstyle are kinda uniformed, all are cutely pony tailed.

Here's the individual profile pictures of each member, doing their incredible, wonderful poses.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Profile Picture of Morning Musume and 46th single announced

The official webpage of Momosu has updated their group profile picture.

This is totally an adorable picture of them. Most group profile pictures are usually formal and not really this fun as how it looks. I totally love it, but a little confused about Eripon's facial expression. She's a model of the "Elegant Promotion", in a short time, so, I mostly expected to see her easily work on with her expressions to many various of photos to shot.Anyway, I like Yashii's reaching out for like everything, which totally looks cute.

Currently today, an announcement has made. Morning Musume's 46th single has now been decided, but currently entitled. It'll be released in four editions.

  • Regular
  • Limited A
  • Limited B
  • Limited C
It is set to be released this coming May 18.

Kikkawa Yuu – “Kikkake wa YOU!” Covers and Short PV

Top left to right: regular, limited A
Bottom left to right: limited B, and limited C
Kikkawa Yuu's 1st single Kikkake wa You covers has been released.

I totally love all the covers, her bright sweet smile makes each of the cover shine even if it looks simple. I can't choose my favorite among the covers, they're all adorable. She's really going to be one of my top idol list. :)

The single PV has been released as well, but only a short version. Oh, well. enjoy!