Friday, November 12, 2010

Fujimoto miki's father passed away

Fujimoto Miki's father passed away last November 10 due to some unknown causes. 

An article about this news has been released by Sanpo. Here's a translation for the article by Gator_yoong at aramathedidnt.
"Singer Fujimoto Miki (25)’s father passed away on the morning of the 10th in a hospital in Hokkaido. The cause of death is unknown. The unexpected news of the death shocked both Fujimoto and her mother.
According to sources, Fujimoto’s mother and father had been living apart, her mother lives in the city.
Fujimoto got married last year on July 11th to comedian Shouji Tomoharu (34). They had their wedding ceremony with just their families on July 3rd at Hokulia in Hawaii. Fujimoto’s father was present and was able to see his daughter in a wedding dress.
Fujimoto is from Hokkaido and auditioned for Morning Musume in 2000, she then moved to Tokyo. She’s active as an actress and singer. She also has a happy private life. Fujimoto will adjust her schedule and head to Hokkaido for the funeral service." 
This news is very expected, especially for the Fujimoto family. It's so unexpected for me to say the least, Miki's one of my favorite singers and I adore her the most, it made me feel so depress to hear this news. I would like to offer condolences to the Fujimoto family during these hard times. Hopefully, there will be more reports that'll be released soon to know about her father's cause of death. there aren't really enough details about it. So, I think I'll update about it sooner as I will hear more details about it..

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