Saturday, November 6, 2010

Berryz Koubou serene blogs

So, I was surfing in FB and found this links, I think those are the official blogs for the berryz koubou members. I'm totally shock when I found this news. Well, not really that shock but hey! they already got their blogs. I think they're the only ones who's haven't got their blog, and here it is.
The total shock is here. A very colorful banner for their new blog is extremely shocking for me. Let's see, materials such as pencil, piled books, answered questions of a book, blackboard, a school logo look alike which has their name on it really made everything turn to be so great. I just turned myself as a big fan of them, so this really made me excite.
Here's captain's banner. I think I love their banners more than C-ute's serene blogs since it is more colorful. It's not like I hate them or anything, I even love them(C-ute), I just prefer to Berryz Koubou banners' design, it really catches the feeling. Anyway, I totally love Captain's banner, it was surrounded with elegant flowers which really suits her personality.
Next is momochi's blog banner. It is kind of cute and really suits her cuteness. Pink flowers, hearts and a bow really is cute, isn't it? I think she's the only one who got a banner which has two pictures of her. It really turned out to be so cute.
Next stop is Chinami's blog banner. It features happy objects, such as sunflowers, smiling sun, air balloons, and butterflies which turned the banner to be a very bright one. This is the most lively banner among the Berryz members.
Next is Maasa's banner. It is a theme of baby pink like Momochi. But the difference is Maasa got a lady style while Momochi got the cutey style, for me. It has hearts, and marked kisses. It really suits her personality, which is great. 
Next stop, miya's blog banner. Having the theme of black and pink makes her image more lovely. Pink and black features her rockish style. It has black hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs, with pink shining heart near the title part, and the cute symbols shown in the corners. She rocks the banner though.. (LOL!)
 Next is Yurina's banner. It's kind of simple but cute. The rainbow makes the banner so perfect and cute. It features fying birds, drawn hearts, a cute teddy bear, cat and a puppy which made it more calm. I'll call this as a calm banner...Kidding.. it makes you feel calm, so that'll be a calm one..^_^
 Last but not the least, risako's banner. It is my most favorite banner among the other berryz blogs, since it has the beauty I really want to see. It kind of reminds me of her 1st single, elegant girl, since it is so elegant to look. The shining elegant mirror, elegant lamp. elegant stop watch? elegant key, elegant cup and all the elegant things that features in the banner sure is elegant.along with those elegant building LOL! Anyway, I think the color has the combination of hot pink and purple which makes me smile after seeing it.It really suits risako's image, since she's a very elegant girl, she's so beautiful if she had her weird fringe out of her eyes, and be covered by her elegant headband. She really raised her charisma into the highest level. She attract me the most.

The Berryz Koubou blogs are really great, they still don't have any entries yet, so let's all look forward for it. There's still more information lacking here, and I'll just update them later. Their titled banners ares till unknown to me, well, I can't really read Japanese characters and letters. I'll update them sooner or later 'til the info's revealed. So for now, I can share you the links, and the banners which are shown above.

[Note: click the images for bigger views]
Here's the links:

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