Sunday, November 14, 2010

C-ute 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas" Full PV

So, I'm from our first whole day rehearsal and just got home. I'm really, really, really, tired. But when I watched this PV, it made me regain my energy. It's a whole preview already!

It really made me surprise when I watched this PV, it's totally unique and different from their other PVs. There are many different kinds of shots shown in the PV. The house which has 5 oblong windows where the members were in, solo close-ups behind the trees, close ups in a room, the scene where they're doing some stuff like Maimai knitting something, Saki who is drinking tea, Airi who is waiting for someone's call, Maimi who is writing a present card, and Chisa who is holding a very cute stuff toy, scenes where the group sat in a white sled, and two different shots where all the members standing under the christmas trees with different positions. So far, this is the PV which has many various wonderful.

at the previous entry I posted, I was hoping that there will be a dance shot, but it seems that there's nothing. But it really turned out great without it, and since it's a very sad ballad song, I don't think that the dance shot will fit in this kind of song. I really love Maimai's, she's totally my favorite. All the members got fair lines, which is totally a great news to hear.

Watching this really, really, really made me want to have a copy for this single. It is totally unique and wonderful with those expressions of their faces. Oh, anyway, since I can't buy one, I hope this single will top in the oricon charts. Let's support more for C-ute everyone..

Anyway, here's the PV..

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