Friday, November 12, 2010

C-ute 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas" single covers and PV preview released

There's been some cover previews released few weeks ago, and the sizes are small, so I can't really judge anything about it yet. So now, I found some bigger cover previews and I can now say things about it.
 First is the regular version cover. Their winter theme really suits the theme of the song, a ballad type. It is my second favorite cover of this single. It's really the C-ute I'm always expecting.

 Next is the limited A cover. For how I have noticed to every cover, it seems that Airi's always in the center, well, she's always in the center. This makes me guess that she's the center of the song again. I kind of bothered about Maimi's look. It's not like her, she has a weird smile for me. Maimai too, it's not like I hate it, but it's not their real smile/image. Why did they chose this shot anyway? oh, well.. It was still turned out to be great, since the background is like a golden festive place.

Last but not the least, the limited B cover. It is my most favorite cover of this single. It has the golden winter feeling when I'm looking at it. It may be the same as the regular cover, but it's the best one among the others. It's the one that impressed me most.

Well, everything turns to be great, it'll make me so excited to see the PV very soon. Well, a 30 second preview has been released a while ago, and it's very exciting to see the rest. The preview didn't show any dance shot, I wonder if they'll have one. Since the one that was shown was only the close ups, a scene where they are in a house alone (not really alone, but no one to talk or something), and all the members singing while in a white sled. I'm really going to look forward for the full PV. anyway, enjoy!

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