Friday, November 12, 2010

The new you tube dance sensation Chisato Okai

Hey guys! I'm totally back! whew. Exams were already over. I'm so excited of telling you guys about many, many things. Well, firstly, I'll tell you about Chisato's dance covers.

So, few days ago, the official C-ute youtube channel released some videos of Chisa doing dancing covers of their singles. I was so surprise when she did a cover, I firstly really thought that it's only a fan of C-ute doing dance covers as usual what fans really do.
The first one that they uploaded was the Dance de Bakoon dance cover. Chisa really rocks the song. Since it is dance de bakoon, it really made the cover rocking. It made the C-ute channel reached the 5,000 subscribers. this video has been viewed 390,000 already for only 3 days.

Next is the Ooki na Ai de Motenashite dance cover. It's a very cute song of C-ute. Now, this is how I define the cuteness of C-ute, one of the reason why I really love them. This song reminds of Megumi, Erika and Kanna, I wonder how they're doing, especially megu-chan.
Here's the latest dance cover of Chisa, Forever love, so far, it's my most favorite dance cover yet. The most powerful song, and by the word power, I mean the great choreography, it is totally awesome. C-ute's totally great. As how I noticed to Chisa, she really enjoy dancing just like how I observe to Gaki-san(when performing), they somewhat really enjoy doing it. 

Anyway, Chisa has now been a youtube dance sensation, as how the fans call her now, and that made C-ute surpass the 5000 mark in youtube, congratulation to them. Hope Chisa will do a tokaikko junjou dance cover, and so as the other C-ute members..It was viewed by the world, and Chisa even commented 

"Youtube is watched all over the world.  I’ve read the comments and so many of those wrote them are from different countries.  It made me so happy… it makes me glad I did this challenge."

I'm so glad that she made the fans happy, and so as herself. She's the first one who challenge herself to do a dance cover, and it turns out to be so great. It's even great that she tried to read our comments we posted, it's somewhat great to communicate with them. I'm going to look forward for the future dance covers of them and enjoy watching guys!!

Chisato the Dance Sensation!! weeehh

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