Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Sakitty!

So, today is Saki-chan's 14th birthday, and as usual, I'm going to make a very special entry for my favorite idols like her.

Sakitty is now 14 years old, she's already grown up. I started to like her since I watched their Ama no Jaku PV and the live performance of the same song. She has the type of voice that impressed me so much, she's really cute too. When I made that birthday picture of her earlier, I really made a big expression "She suits the color of hot pink!" *laugh* . She has this great personality either, no wonder she raised her fan base so high. It's good to hear that S/mileage are getting more promotion for their singles and for their upcoming 1st album. I'll really keep supporting her and S/mileage!

Happy 14th Birthday Sakitty!

Anyway, I just found out how to add slideshows for the entry few days ago, and I want to make it as Sakitty's birthday present. Enjoy!

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