Saturday, November 13, 2010

Morning Musume’s covers for 11th album "Fantasy! Juuichi "

The covers for morning musume's 11th album "Fantasy! Juuichi" has been released a while ago. Well, it was(covers) released several days ago, and it's kind of small, so I waited for the bigger previews, and here it is.
 The first one is the regular version cover where momusu pose like a cute mannequin dolls. I found the outfits a little bit familiar, and when I looked at it for a minute, it then made me realize that it was the elegant outfits of their 44th single PV onna to otoko no lullaby game. The member who has this most elegant pose is Eri wearing her beautiful rosy maroon dress. I was very impressed by her dress, she's a queen-like lady. The cutest is Reina-chan, and Sayumi's kind of adorable with her dress. Ai-chan seems to be having a weird pose, her legs were stretched to much, she should do it more bending like. Oh, and I noticed at the background seems to be a big doll house, it makes the cover perfect since there are dolls, and a doll house. perfect match!

Next is the limited version, it has the opposite background, the regular cover has a light background, while the limited cover has a dark background. I totally love this cover, a very wonderful setting it is. The doll house was featured open, and there is a dark brown couch where sayumi, eri, and gaki sat on (I prefer Linlin, junjun, and eri sat on that couch since they'll be graduating already, and it'll be their last album too). Linlin looks like a ballet dancer with that pose, ai-chan legs are stretched again, and Junjun makes her dress elegantly.

Now, I want a copy for this album by seeing these elegant covers, but I think it'll be hard for me to order one. It'll be released at the same day as C-ute 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas", December 1.

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