Saturday, May 5, 2012

I didn't know Tsunku♂ has a gravure idol O.o

So this girl is named Tokki, who is supposed to be a gravure idol member produced by Tsunku from NICE GIRL Project, I've heard of that NGP before but I haven't really paid much attention to them. I thought they were just like Hello Project but less popular, I never thought it's a gravure idol O.o... or maybe she's just the only gravure idol on NGP? I don't know...I'm not really into gravure idols, I don't really like those stuffs, it's kind of awkward in my eyes LOL

The photo above was from her DVD release event where she appeared to be in  bathing suit and stated with a smile It is my first time wearing a bathing suit at an event. How is it? This (the DVD) is the first time I adopted Japanese tastes. Please enjoy ‘Japanese-style Tokki‘.”


  1. can you please tell me what a gravure idol means??(: thank you:D

  2. Its a model that represents things like's dvd's and magazine's and that sort of stuff but um how to express this em mostley more sexually?