Saturday, May 12, 2012

Should I call them "Evening Sochi?"~ They should do a showdown w/ MM

Okay, found this on my newsfeed... and I think it's pretty cool =)
Give way to Evening Sochi... LOL

Nope, they're not JE boys...and I honestly don't have any idea what's this dance cover group name..
I assume the little boy is doing Riho's parts on the song..XD
The Gaki and Reina counter parts are so into it in the singing parts..haha
I can't stop laughing (not in a mean way) while watching the dyed hair boy w/ the blue tie, the mustache guy who constantly smiles and the one who looked like he was blindfolded dance.
I honestly think that Renai Hunter is a song that would be good for dancing and I like the choreography of Renai Hunter but of course, minus the SQUATTING PARTS! And boys doing it looked more awkward and funny!!

Hey Tsunku-san, maybe you should start making a boy group too? or maybe not, knowing how JE dominates not only the male idol world but the J-idol world to be exact..LOL

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  1. This is so awesome ! I agree that mustache guy is pretty funny (he looks so happy!) but my personal favourite is definitely beanie guy, he's doing it! lol love these guys <3