Sunday, May 13, 2012

Morning Musume's 50th Single? Wait.. Aika still in it?

Found this one in an HP forum, saying that Morning Musume's 50th single will be a double A side. The first title is yet to be announced while the second song will be "Manteru Show".... (Manteru= Skyscraper)~ Although there are no official announcement yet from the UFA/HP sites.

On the other hand, this source is quite confusing since it says there are 11 members, hence it includes Aika but I don't know, if this is official/true, maybe they have printed this one ahead of Aika's graduation announcement since it was so sudden.

It says that Limited A and B will feature Reina, Sayu and Aika, while C and D will feature the 9th gen and E and F will feature the 10th gen.

Whether this is true or not, I'm hoping for an awesome MM 50th single, since this will be like their "Golden" single already. I'm glad there will be alot of versions.. Hmmm.. maybe they're gonna do same strategy as to what they did to C-ute's latest single?


  1. I find it highly unlikely that Aika would be featured in it since she will not be a member of Morning Musume anymore then.. even though she remains in H!P I don't think she'd be featured in the single, sadly :C it sounds awesome though, I like the idea of many versions, I just wish there will be a version with all of them as one group too :)

  2. Ya the whole Aika being in it is confusing. BUT Tsunku said somewhere (I read some article but I forget where) that Aika was gonna get a solo song (or at least something along those lines). So maybe THIS is what he as talking about!
    OOOOOOO~R they did all the filming and pictures and recording of the single BEFORE Aika's decision to graduate was made. A similar situation happened with Mari Yaguchi when she left (except that was because of a scandal...)