Saturday, May 19, 2012

S/mileage Performs for Galaxy Note Studio

S/mileage and Samsung are two things that I love so today (May 19th), S/mileage made an appearance at a promotional event for Samsung's smart phone "Galaxy Note SC-05D". The said event was called Galaxy Note Studio and was held at Shinjuku Station. The girls sang 4 songs and for their last song, they took off their tops, revealing their polka dot bikini and performed their latest single "Dot Bikini".

Apart from S/mileage, manga artist, Sakurazawa Erika also attended the event. She also drew a portrait of Wada Ayaka using the smart phone. This is so cool ♥

The members of S/mileage were asked what they would like to draw with the smart phone. Fukuda Kanon replied, “I want to write comments with my own handwriting on my blog,” and Tamura Meimi said, “It’s almost Nakanishi Kana-chan’s birthday, so I want to write a message to her.

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