Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Musume Graduates, Mitsui Aika

I wasn't so surprised with this announcement, considering she has been missing in some few activities which requires too much foot work. With this, Mitsui Aika finally decides to graduate in Morning Musume, though I didn't expect the announcement to be so sudden. But we all couldn't blame Aika if she finally decides to let go, since it is her physical well-being which is at stake.

According to her blog, the main reason she decides to graduate was because of her foot injury although she said that she has fully recovered, there is a high chances of it to reoccur due to strenuous activities.

I'm not actually a big Aika fan, and to be honest, I've taken too little notice of  her since she doesn't really stand out to me but I don't exactly know what to feel about this and my thoughts just fly to the remaining MM members. Gaki will be leaving and now Aika, the remaining seniors would be Reina and Sayu and eventually, both will have to graduate too but hopefully *cross my fingers* not yet, maybe a couple more years? Cause in my opinion, the new gens aren't that stable yet..but that's just purely my personal observation.

Aika, on the otherhand, I wish her full recovery and I mean FULL without the risk of having it to reoccur again =). I hope she enjoyed being a MoMusu and enjoy her remaining days as one. All I could say to her is "Break a Leg" (not literally), in theaters that means "GOODLUCK"....


  1. This is really sudden but like many have said, not unexpected. It still makes me really sad, I always liked Aika and it's just a shame she never had a chance to shine in Morning Musume ... :( She was always left at the background, and with the sudden increase that 9th and 10th gens brought to the members, I don't think she would have gotten her chance to shine it's probably better for her to move on :) I wish her all the best in the future!! The 18th is going to leave a big hole in my heart with my favourite members graduating...

  2. yap!
    mittsi will grad soon. just like other years before, now 2 people will grad in same concert...
    i know this day will come, but people outside will just talk about her legs. actually just like you said, now she return with HIGH POWER.
    good luck mittsi...

  3. this is way to sudden.... I'm already a wreck because of Gaki San graduation... But Mittsi i can't even grasp thatconcept because i still want her to be in Momusu but since her foot is still injured i can see why? Farewell Gaki and Mittsi... I love u both!!!!! :(