Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kikkawa Yu's 4th Single produced by Vocaloid Producer!

Koko Kara Hajimaru n da!is Kikkawa Yu's 4th single and is set to release on July 11th! She sure is really busy, she plans to participate in 2 consecutive theater performances namely "Kawaiku Nakuccha Ikenai Riyuu” and “The Best House 1 2 3 on Stage!!!”this coming June. Also she will be the image character in their CM for sushi restaurant "Kappa Zushi".

SmileR, a popular vocaloid producer will produce Kikka's 4th single whih is said to be an electro tune so I'm looking forward on how it will sound. She will also be covering a song entitled "17 sai" as an homage to singer Moritaka Chisato. There will be a  3 different version of the CD,  Limited A and Limited B includes a CD and a DVD while the regular edition will only include a CD.

There will be a live events to commemorate her single, "Kikka Fes ~Episode 3~"

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