Friday, May 18, 2012

We will Miss You Gaki and Mittsi!

So, Gaki and Mittsi already graduated today, so here is a special post dedicated for both of them..

She's one of my favorite Momusu member, I fell in love with her after watching the Morning Musume Cinderella Stage play. Her voice is just so powerful and no one can beat the strength of it. I admire their friendship with Ai-chan and along with other members.
Gaki-san entered Morning Musume along with the other 5th gen members. It's amazing to know her, and discover her amazing talent. She's known to be a very dependable person.
So, Hello!Project made a tribute plan for her, with the main theme of her signature pose named MAYUGE BEAM. But people were still have the free choice to do something different; such as writing a message in a board and take a photo of it, or paint the right cheek just like Risa in the very end of Renai hunter's PV.
It's more different from the previous tributes we made, since I used different program, and I think it's not as good as you might expect? Because I'm still learning how to use it.. :)
But I hope you guys like it!

We also collected messages from fans who were not able to send photos, so here it is!!

Dear 里沙ちゃんあなたは私が10歳の頃からずっと好きな歌手の一人でした。あなたの歌と声を聴いて楽しんでいます。物事がうまくいかない時でも冗談をいったり笑顔を絶やさないあなたが大好きです。できれば他のグループにいるあなたを見れたらと思っています。あなたはドリームモーニング娘。に入りますか?もし入ったらどんなに素晴らしいことでしょう。愛ガキの二人にもう一回加わってもらいたいです。私はあなたが卒業した後もいつも応援していくでしょう。頑張れニャン、ニャンニャン!Kitty Love.アメリカにいい音楽を届けてくれて感謝しています。どうかお幸せに!!!!!!!Deaunna Byrd 

Dear Gaki-san, When you graduate, I will continuing supporting you. I enjoy watching you when you're Momusu's Leader and also Hello! Project. I will miss you as Momusu and H!P 's leader, and when you sing and dance. That's all ^_^ Your fan from the Philippines, Ladee♥Tohru Honda 

Dear Niigaki Risa, I'm going to miss you are one of reason for me became Morning Musume fan..I will continuing supporting you..once be part of Morning Musume, always will be Morning Musume..Your fan from Malaysia :-)Ridzwan ჯ Tankian ჯ  

Dear Gaki, when I first heard about your graduation, I burst into tears. You will always be my kami-oshi, I love everything in you, especially your magnificent voice and your cute smile. I love you, Gaki, and I hope you continue with music in addition to your acting career. 卒業おめでとう! フィンランドから絵里奈(Erina)でした!Elina Kukkavuori  

Dear ガキさんまず初めに、卒業おめでとうございます。あなたがモーニング娘。に加入した時がつい昨日のように思えます。そしてあなたがモーニング娘。にいることで、私がモーニング娘。に初めて恋に落ちたときが昨日の出来事であったかのようにも思えます。いったんあなたが卒業するとモー娘。は変わるかもしれません。でも私はモーニング娘。とあなたの応援をやめないでしょう。あなたは「里沙」としてではなく 「モーニング娘。の里沙」として永遠に記憶に残るでしょう。モーニング娘。の最長在籍メンバーですね。素晴らしい人生を送ることを願っています。あなたのファンよりShah Ezuanシンガポール 

These years of having you in Morning Musume has been amazing! Ever since I discovered Morning Musume, you have always been my favorite. I love your humor, and you genki attitude, apart from you're singing and dancing, which I always enjoyed watching. You have been the genki girl and in times in my life when I have been sad or down, I have just looked at you're picture and remember how funny and cute you are! I don't know if you remember this, but it was a sketch with you and Sayumi-chan, she asked you what was so disgutsting, and you replied with the funniest look on your face "The way sayumi talk is disgusting", I will never forget it!
Omame-chan, I will keep supporting you forever, thank you for your years in Morning Musume, it has been a delight!
Sincerely from your biggest fan in SWEDEN! ♥  
Joel Viitanen 

Dear Gaki-san, congratulations on your graduation. Watching you progress from the youngest girl in Morning Musume to the leader is so inspiring to me. Thank you for all of the work you've put in over the past ten years to make Morning Musume the best that it can be. You are graduating on my birthday (5/18), and I promise to support you in whatever path you choose from here. I love you, and always will. -- Your fan from America, Lauren M. Vermillion 

Dear Niigaki, wow, how time flies. You have been in Momusu for 10 years! How awesome is that! Well, I have to say, you are one of my favorite members, and it does hurt to see you leaving so soon. But I have no power in keeping you in Momusu - it's all up to you. I hope that you enjoy your new lifestyle with acting. And I will always support you. 5th gen. forever!!!! ~From, Karli 

 Pour Gaki : Gaki, tu as fais un très beau et long parcourt dans les Morning Musume. Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur pour après, tu n'as peux être pas était Leader très longtemps mais c'est toi qui est rester le plus longtemps. Bisous. :)  Manon Offishiaal

ガキさん親愛なる、私は私が "みかん"を見ている私の最初のモーニング娘のビデオであなたを見たときに、アイドルの私の初恋だったので、ずっとあなたを愛しています。 、ご卒業おめでとうございますが、最善を尽くして保管してください!私が言うことができるすべては、私はあなたを愛していることであり、あなたをサポートし続けます
〜あなたがファンを最愛から、クラリッサさん! Masaki Macedo

Also, there are some photos that were not included in the video, since it was sent a little bit late, so here it is!

It's a shame that these photos were not able to catch up until finishing the video.. So, to make up to them, I'll post it here so that it will not come to waste..


It is expected that she'll graduate soon, but not too soon that will be in the same concert as Gaki-san..
She's not really my favorite, but I like how she interacts with other members. She has a unique voice, maybe she'll go to a solo career? We're still glad that she will still be seen in H!P. She really need some real rest though, but staying in H!P makes us think that maybe Tsunku have more plans for her that will fit in her condition.
We didn't have enough time to hold another tribute for her, so, just like Gaki-san, we collected messages from fans..
Here it is!

こんにちは、 光井愛佳 ちゃん。申し訳ありませ んが、私はモーニング娘のあなたに聞いて いませんでした。私は、あなたが卒業する 前に耳を傾けたいと思います。しかし、 今、私はモーニング娘に耳を傾けます。お 幸せに。おめでとう!、レキシー Alexis Tomberlin  

 Dear Aika, I was really upset to learn your graduation but, when I knew that you will stay in H!P, a hope started to grow in my heart. My biggest wish for you is to see you in H!P again for a long time, to see your voice and your body touch our hearts more than ever ! Whatever you will do, I will always supporting you until the end because you touched my heart so deeply. Congratulations Aika ! Your fan from France, Yohann ;-) Yohann Foulet 

Dear Aika. You were one of the first idols i knew about Hello! Project. You always seemed me really cute, funny and with lots of qualities. You can't know how hard is making me to have to say goodbye, although you dont meet me. You dont know how bad I am since I read you graduated. You dont know how i was expecting to another single, with your dance version. You don't know how many times I dreamed you were the lider and was waiting to can become true. You don't know how much I love you. I'll always support you'll be in my heart forever. Good luck with EVERYTHING you do in your life. We'll always be here. From Spain, Aida 

Dear Mittsi, I hope your leg gets better soon so you can continue in Hello! Project. I'll miss you so much, your smile makes me smile! You are one of the cutest H!P members ever♥ Please get better soon, you're one of my favorite members. 卒業おめでとう! フィンランドから絵里奈(Erina)でした! 

Dear 愛佳卒業の発表が急すぎて信じられない。こんなに早くなるのは思わなかった。突然な悲しい発表です。それにしても、卒業を祝いたいです。私と他のファンのみなさんに喜びをもたしてありがとう。モーニング娘。でいなくなるのはとても悲しいです。それに愛佳の完治を祈っています。健康は第一です :Dモーニング娘。のメンバーでいてもいなくても、ハロープロージェクトアーティストでいても、普通の女の子でいても、愛佳を応援し続けます。愛をこめてShah Ezuanシンガポール 

Dear Aika Mitsui i hope that one day your ankle heals soon i had that once and it hurted for a whole month but some how yours is hurting longer then i though because if mine heal in a month then yours should heal too but anyways i'm going to miss seeing you and Gaki-san with the group as much as i miss Ai-chan.I hope your fulture will be the best for you even though i wish that you would heal faster so you can stay longer because i was hoping to see you as the next leader after sayumi and tanaka-san.Well i want to say is that thanks for all the hard work that you done all this time and i also wanted to say is that your a very special member because you were the only 8th generation like Kusumi koharu because she was the only 7th gen too.So no matter what we will still support you and i wish you all of the best for your fulture and even though you wont be with the group all that matter is that as long we can still see you with H!P....I LOVE YOU Aika Mitsui. And as for gaki-san i know i wrote to you already but all i wan to say is that good luck with your new fulture and i wish you can stay longer but i know your time is up with the group so no matter what we wil all support you till the very end gaki-san I love you and i'm going to miss seeing you with Morning Musume............MORNING MUSUME FOREVER!!!! Adam Yang 

Dear Mitsii-Chan, watching you perform with Momusu for the last 6 years was really enjoyable. I'll miss seeing you showing your spunky personality in Momusu.Hope to see you doing more activities in the future! Aishiteru Aika-Chan!!!!~~~ -Cherelle A. Jackson 

Dear Mitsii-chan, congratulations on your graduation. Seeing your audition special for the first time really made me see how much you enjoyed dancing and singing, and I love to see you smiling and having fun onstage. I was praying that you would get better and return to Morning Musume, but even though you aren't, I support your decision and wish you the best in everything you do. With you graduating on my birthday (5/18), I promise that I will support you and everything you do. I love you, and I support you. --Your Fan from America, Lauren M. Vermillion 

Dear Aika, when I first heard of your graduation message. I was in shock. I didn't like it at first when I gound out you would be leaving so soon. But I know it is for the better. I am happy though that you choose to stay in H!P - maybe you can MC at at concert! You are very special, Aika, and you've come a long way. I will support you in whatever you do!!!! From, Karli  

Aika, pour moi tu es tout simplement la plus mignonne des Morning Musume. Il n'y a pas à dire, ta petite bouille me donne le sourire tout les jours. J'éspère que ta cheville ira mieux pour que tu revienne au plus vite dans le Hello!Project. :) ♥ Manon Offishiaal

There's also a fan that sent a message for the both of them, so, here it is!
I hope you have a good career outside of Momosu because I know that you have made alot of good memeries while in the group and it seemed to me that you had alot of fun. Best of luck in all you do, David K. Evans.
I'm glad that the tribute seems to be successful, though, I would be more happy if many fans sent their photos for Gaki..  But, thank you for participating minna-san!
Especially to my co-admins who worked hard to promote the project.. So, THANK YOU!
I will post memories of Gaki and Mittsi later..

We will miss you Gaki-san and Mittsi!
We love you so much!
I hope you'll be happy to your new life now!
You will always be a morning musume who made its history amazing!

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