Sunday, May 27, 2012

This is What I've Been Waiting for to SEE! (Riho&Daishi Dance Collaboration)

So, I just got excited to blog about this one, and it is totally amazing!
Maybe there are already some videos where Riho and Daishi danced together, but I had never seen one until now..
It was shown in a TV show, where (I think) Riho and Daishi volunteered to dance. They listened to the music they're going to use, and planned out what they're going to dance..
I can barely breath while watching them dance, they're just awesome.. This collaboration is an epic!
I hope they'll do this more often during concerts and such..
It's gonna be a moment for fans to remember.. :)
I would love to see more performances of these two amazing dancers.. EXCITED!!
I just found a new video, but it features the 2 dancers of Fairies at the beginning.. You can watch it, or skip it..
A little comment about the performance of the dancers from the different groups..
Fairies did some powerful dancing, but I think with no teamwork, or something..
While Riho and Daishi really planned it out.. Which is a good one, because we love to see them dancing together. It is more like a collaboration, not a showdown.. 
Well, I can't really judge Fairies, since I don't really know them.. 
What do you guys think?

Thanks to Dojakojiro for uploading the video!


  1. I love Ishida and would love to see this! Is there a youtube link to this clip? I am using a mobile device and can't find a hyperlink in your blog entry.... :(

  2. the post is already gone:( But I hope Riho and Daishi will dance alot in concerts too, kinda like the saki's did in C-ute and berryz collaboration concerts:)

  3. The video is gone :(

  4. I apologize about it.. I should have downloaded it earlier before making a post to make sure that everyone can watch it.. I'll do my best to find another video to show it to you guys.. :D

  5. WHOOOOO!! I got to watch it before it was taken down haha!

    Both of them were Great!
    Ever since they both joined Momusu I had a good feeling about these 2.
    These 2 will be the Successors of Momusu and they will take Momusu to the Top once again (^-^)

    Now! as a Dancer myself I can tell the difference of Riho and Ayumi when it comes to dancing :P

    Riho knew what she was doing, for me she was flying as she did her freestyle parts. She has that natural swag that every dancer has, I've seen her dance before she was in Momusu and all I can say is WOW! she has a Pro Level dancing skills.....H3LL! she can actually beat me hands down hahaha!

    Ayumi in the other hand did great as well but it felt like she wasn't sure on what she was doing... well that was the feeling I'm getting torwards her. I also noticed that she would look at Riho from time to time BUT!! Ayumi was not far behind to Riho's Dancing Level :)

    Don't get me wrong on the comment on Ayumi's dancing, I also like as much as Riho. I just want to give my honest opinion on both of them :)

    When they did that little Choreography... it was AWESOME!! hahaha! but Riho was still ahead in aura level but still AWESOME! :)

    Now give them a year and they will eat up the floor and the audience as Ai-chan and Eri did before them ;)

    Sorry if this comment is long and if I offended some people..
    I just like to give my honest opinion about them since I love MoMusu so much :)

  6. I want a Ayumi and Riho unit. Maybe they can also include a senpai like either C-ute's or Berryz Koubou's Saki or Maimi since they are good at dancing too.