Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Life Outside HP : Niigaki Risa's New Movie

Gaki will star in "Tobidase Shinsengumi" in theaters this coming Spring of 2013. A press conference was held at the City Hall of Fujisawa, Kanagawa. Although it's still happening next year, we all know how Gaki desires to expand her acting career after her graduation.

 The movie will be directed by Sho Nobushi and she will co-star with Toshiya Nagasawa and Akira Onodera. This will be Gaki's FIRST film role after graduating.

The film’s story is based on a novel of the same name by Jotaro Kuwahara (Boku no Onna ni Te o Dasu na, Shinjuku Junai Monogatari) and involves an all-female theater troupe’s rehearsal of “Musical Shinsengumi Makoto” in which the real-life members of the of the Shinsengumi suddenly appear on stage from the late Edo period.

Niigaki will play a troupe member named Noriko who’s performing as a female version of Shinsengumi captain Okita Sōji. Over time, Noriko and a surfer/troupe employee named Shunpei Takaoka develop a strange friendship with the real-life Okita.

Like the 2009 filmUme no Ue no Kimi wa, Itsumo Egao, which starred Mitsuki Tanimura this film is being made in cooperation with local municipalities within Kanagawa and most of the supporting cast members were picked from an open audition of Fujisawa locals which took place last year.


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  1. That's cool although I wished she would release songs on her own. Still I wish the best for her.