Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello Project "Death Stare"

 Just some random HP "Death Stare" =)

So this is what happens when gaki leaves Morning Musume?

Reina: I'm gonna be leader next!
Sayu: NO way! I'm leader next!

Reina: Obviously, I'll win this death stare! S/mileage named me as their  SCARIEST SENPAI!!

But of course, nobody does it better than the FIRST QUEEN of HP herself, Yuko!

 Yuko: Are you kidding me? I'm the scariest HP member you'll ever meet! Got that huh?

Reina: ...........

But other than fighting for leader position, I know Sayu likes this death stare more...

Sayu: I'm the CUTEST girl EVER!!!
Momo: Google says it's ME!

 The battle for cuteness begins~

Sayu: Told you~

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