Monday, May 28, 2012

Yahoo Japan thinks otherwise, C-ute LEADS

Remember when Oricon held a poll about the "Most Anticipated Female Idol Group"? Well, Yahoo Japan made it's own poll too....and Yeah, I'm really glad with the results since I wasn't so happy to see C-ute at 10th place in the Oricon Poll. This time, C-ute manages to grab first place although it was a really close fight with Passpo.

With a total of 69893 votes, C-ute has 16,269 votes in their favor with Passpo having 15,392. On the other hand, Berryz manages to place 3rd with Idoling!!! at 4th and Momoiro Clover Z at 5th place. It's surprising since Momoclo ranked 1st in the Oricon poll and during the first few days of this poll, they were on the lead with C-ute and Passpo eventually taking over No. 1 spot from time to time.

So congratulations to my favorite HP group~ They deserve to be recognized!

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  1. How do the rankings change if you add the Yahoo! poll to the Oricon one?