Monday, May 7, 2012

Tsunku's NEW IDOL GROUP! Guess who?

Remember when Tsunku opened an idol cafe where the employees are normal girls who wish to be turned into full-pledge idols, their costumers will serve as their producers and points will be used to support their favorite girl! Well, it seems that the day has finally come (not exactly), actually, they will debut this August but atleast we get an announcement a.k.a a confirmation that there will be a new idol group that would knock on our doors. I don't know if this will be an addition in the Hello Project family or in UFA since the Tsunku collaborated with producers from Steins;Gate, who are behind Maid Cafe Idol's Afilia Saga East! The idol group will be known as "Bakusute Sotokanda Icchoume"!
What's more interesting about this new group is that the members who will be part of the jacket and the MV will be selected based on who has the most points. Therefore, it will be about "Who's on TOP and Who's NOT?". The whole idea of Tsunku opening the cafe in Akihabara already brought many speculations among fans most especially to AKB wotas, I think the reason is quite obvious as to why, or do I need to state it? And to be honest, this system of the group kinda reminds me of AKB's sytem, don't they choose who's appearing in the MV via election sometimes?

But we never really know what's going on Tsunku's mind. I have nothing against his idea, I actually find it really interesting and intruiging. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. If you look at it, the selected members gets to participate in the jacket and the MV via points and the way to get points is for their supporters to frequently visit the cafe. In that case, he does not only promote the girls well but he also generates more income and encourage more costumers to come and visit his cafe. Now that's what I call a marketing strategy!

I'm not sure with the number of members in each group but my instincts tells me it's gonna be higer that MM's number right now. I've heard they have members who are not pure japanese, I'm not that sure though, let's just wait for more announcements!! The group will release their first ever single on August 1, 2012, so I'm looking forward as to how this group will turn out but I'm hoping it will be a success!!

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