Thursday, October 28, 2010

C-ute 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas" radio preview

The radio preview for C-ute's 14th single "Aitai Lonely Christmas" has been released. Well, it was released early yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to hear it, since the headphone for my computer's not working. well, I just bought a new one today, and it's time for me to share you my thoughts about it.

This song is a ballad type, which sounds great too. The sound of the bells makes a great combination for the song, with the guitar which is playing along with the song. It seems that all the members got fair lines, as how I can hear. The bridge part is my favorite, it sounds great. Can't wait for the PV, another great song from C-ute again. All of their songs impressed me so much, can't wait for another one to be released ^_^

This single will be a wonderful Christmas present for everyone, since it'll be released early December, it's going to be amazing. So, it's going to be released this coming December 1, I think the PV will be released a week or two before the release.

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