Wednesday, October 20, 2010

誕生日おめでとう"Tanjoubi omedetou Gaki-san"

So, today is Gaki's birthday, and I decided to greet her by posting a special entry. Yes, she's one of my most top idols in the whole world.

She's the current Morning Musume sub-leader and been in momusu for like 9 years already. I'm so glad she's still active, and made me love the rest of the group when I first knew her. Her voice, dance reflexes, smile, personality and all about her which made me make her as one of my top favorite idols.
She changed her hairstyle recently, a very short one as well. I first hate it but now, she bloomed again. I prefer her with a long hair, since she looks beautiful whatever her long hair looks. Her short hair is somewhat cute, but the picture above is so great, it made me get used to her new hairstyle. I'm really shocked when I first saw her profile picture of their single "Seishun Collection". They should make something different for Gaki to look more good. Well, it's already passed, and now her look makes her bloom.
Her voice is just so WOW! No one can beat that voice. She's just great! And hey! she's a big Disney fan. 

Here are some photos from her blog during her Birthday! As expected, she'll receive something related to Disney. 
Happy 22nd Birthday to Gaki-san!
Best wishes from the fans especially the Filipino fans!

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