Sunday, October 10, 2010

Berryz Koubou

So, I manage to hear all the Berryz koubou 23 singles last night, and they quickly impressed me much. Their songs (some of them) are not so bad as what I expect. The type of the songs they releases are something like variety. Some of them are something serious, fun, calm, and etc. I love their 10th single "Jiriri Kiteru", since this is the type of a song I always love. A mature type song.

As how I noticed to myself, I weirdly like their first 16 singles, and dislike the rest (most of it). I based to their choreography, vocals, and expressions to every song they sing. Their latest singles had some weird choreography and vocalization such as yuke yuke monkey dance, madayade, otakebi boy wao, watashi no mirai danma-sama, no offence to all, but that's how I noticed. I think any type of songs suits to them around their early years, but now they grew up into beautiful ladies, and still had this weirdness of a child.
Risako changed so much. She has this very cute image and turned into a beautiful weird idol (not literally weird), but her body shape, hair color, and her image change too much, except to her wonderful voice. What's great to this group is they share lines equally, no ones really in the center.
I now started to like Berryz Koubou. They got their own greatness, and talent. They're not so weird after all.
Anyway, here are their singles along with the preview of their 24th single which will be released this coming November 10, 2010. ENJOY!!!!

I like all their singles except Yuke yuke monkey dance, seishun bus guide, rival, watashi no mirai danna-sama,  tomodachi wa tomodachi nanda, and maji bomber. They just don't catch my attention. It seems that the PV of those said singles really don't suit to the theme they applied, it's not catchy for me, no offence to all. I'm just saying my opinions about it. 
I think I'll try their live concerts next time. For more opinions for them. 

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