Friday, October 1, 2010

新しいページ "Atarashii pēji"

I just added a new page for the blog today. It is my favorite photos of my favorite idols. I spent 4 hours finishing it, and yet I'm not satisfied. I think I'll finish it later on, since it's already late at night, and I'm still lack of rest. I'll add more definition for it, and photos too. Those are still half of my chosen ones. So hope you guys will look forward until I update this.

It should be every single member of the group, but I think I can't make it on time, so I'll just do it sooner or later. I finished linking the main pictures to bring you to the specific one, so no worries to look for it. If you want to make the picture bigger, just click it and it will bring you to the bigger one. I think you guys know now all things that will help you view all of them, so I think I'm not going to explain more.

Anyway, since I finish every entry I post with a song, I'll share you the last song I listen today. Kusumi Koharu's 1st solo single entitled "Koi Kana" which was released last July 12, 2006. Enjoy my beloved readers, and have a good time!

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