Friday, October 22, 2010

New Morning Musume Outfit For “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”

The outfits for the Morning musume upcoming single "Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game" (Girl and Guy’s Lullaby Game) has been released few days ago. I'm so surprised since it is somewhat simple than I expected. Each of them are wearing their member color code:
Ai Takahashi(leader): Red
Risa Niigaki (Sub-leader): Green
Eri Kamei: Orange
Reina Tanaka: Blue
Sayumi Michishige: Pink
Aika Mitsui: Purple!!
Junjun: Light blue
Linlin: Yellow

I only knew Gaki's color because of her blog, thanks to these outfits, I finally knew the color of each one of them.Anyway, as I said earlier, their outfits are somewhat ordinary and simple, but it really looks good to them, especially to sayu, it really suits to her cuteness because of pink. Aika looks a little bit different to her hairstyle, it's kinda shorter than I remember, and to Ai-chan, anime style, and seems to be straightened , and how I love Gaki's hair, it makes her more beautiful.
The song is a Russian-rock song type, so I was so surprise seeing these outfits.Maybe these are just their cover outfits just like C-ute's Dance de Bakoon which made me so shocked, since it's only their cover outfits. So, hope these are too. I think I'll wait for the PV for this single to be sure,
To those who haven't heard the preview, here's the preview's link(sorry, I can't post it here in the blog since there's an error of it, but I'll fix it later). Oh, and, sorry for the low quality of the preview, since it was only from the concert they performed in..
Anyway, enjoy!

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